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Yep, its a runner!

My very first game in Unity... as demonstrated by my aunt, honest.

Developed in a private game jam this week. Unity Rocks!

Video here:


I'll try to get some playable demo's up over the weekend if anyone wants to take it for a spin? Web player, Android or windows/mac/linux desktop perhaps.


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    You may download the BLAZERUNNER demo here. (Windows standalone)

    Your testing and feedback is appreciated.
  • Also, I need to work on my insults. Could you assist? I currently have this script:

    private string ScoreChirp(int score)
    if (score > 1000)
    return "Your legend shall be remembered...";
    else if (score > 500)
    return "You are a hero...";
    else if(score>400)
    return "You did great...";
    else if(score>300)
    return "You did well...";
    else if(score>200)
    return "You did average...";
    else if(score>100)
    return "You dont suck too badly...";
    else if(score>50)
    return "You suck...";
    else if(score>0)
    return "Wow, you are bad at this...";
    return "Oops! Negative. LOL...";


    As you can see it is pretty lame. Any ideas are welcome.
  • Not bad for a first shot at unity, man.

    I've just watched the video so far and will try it out when I have a chance. My comments:

    - The typing text effect will probably become very old quickly - maybe you can speed it up a little.
    - Is that Superman behind that fireman hat? I noticed that he moved the whole world when he bumps into it :)
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    @farsicon Yeah, the typist is using only 2 fingers. Noted and thanks :) I'll tell him/her to hurry up. Very valid point though.

    LOL at the superman comment. The camera religiously follows the player. Even though he does a face plant off a ledge and somersaults through a gap unexpectedly. I have no idea where to start to rectify that however. Some weird lerping and flerping in the camera track script I would imagine? Any ideas?

    Thanks for the feedback :)
  • You can also get it for your Android device on the Google Play store here: BlazeRunner.
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    BlazeRunner spring clean...


    Art: Chris Hildenbrand (https://2dgameartguru.com)

    I was surprised when Chris made some art for BlazeRunner unexpectedly and for free. WHAT A NICE GUY! So it inspired me to refresh BlazeRunner to see how the Google Play store has changed since 5 years back. I cringed when I saw the code I wrote back then :)

    The game was disabled for awhile now and had to have ratings updated in the dev console for it to be re-activated. There are also new requirements for 32bit and 64 bit (IL2CPP/NDK) APKs before new updates are accepted and one has to target the Android API level 28 (Android 9 Pie) now (as per store requirement) as recommended OS.

    It is still a simple and flawed little infinite runner, but has a more respectable coat of paint now ;-P

    Google Play Store (contains AdMob ads)
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