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Disclaimer: Title is narcisistic, yes, but it is a temporary name while I think of a new one.<div><img src="http://makegamessa.com/uploads/FileUpload/d6/34531eb7804ad9ef7c47cf94f4a95e.png"><br></div><div>Ok, so at the Lumia Hack this past weekend I decided I would in the spirit of <a href="http://makegamessa.com/discussion/12">the Jam that was held</a> make a game as my entry that embodied a game that I felt I wanted to make, and for the Jam I started experimenting with item generation. The game I built is a platformer ARPG of sorts where you need to pass the early levels to survive the later levels, with loot getting progressively better between each of the levels, as well as the difficulty growing steadily from one level to the next. The idea was to make the game in such a way that you were rewarded for grinding a little (playing the same level up to 3 times is usually the most needed to progress so far), but while trying to not make the grind the core focus of finishing the game.<br><br>What is currently in the game:<br><ul><li>3 levels of pure (not so intense) action!</li><li>Procedural item generation with a distinguishment between rarity of items (however there are only 3 bonuses available).<br></li><li>Simple 4 button-area-things touch controls.</li><li>A <strike>bug</strike> feature where you can get stuck on a wall and jump off of it.</li><li>3 types of enemies with simple logic.<br></li></ul><p>Things that people suggested that I should add (and that I thought of that I want to add also):</p><ul><li>Simple skill system, unlock skills by gaining points from each of the levels (skills would be things like a double jump, or a 3 second shield, etc).</li><li>More broadness to the game (i.e. more enemies, more item types, more item bonuses, etc).</li><li>World "traps" (think super meat boy saws and stuff).</li><li>A decent random generation system for maps for an "infinite" mode where the game will continuously spawn mobs for you to take on so that each "infinite" run will be unique</li></ul><p>And I also have some questions:</p><ol><li>RPGs typically have stat systems, and I'm very reluctant to put in a stat system because of the amount of balancing work that would be required, but what are the drawbacks/stumbling-blocks to borrowing an existing stat system and simplifying it for the game? (I'm thinking of a D&D influenced system but with 3 or 4 stats max).</li><li>These days a lot of platformers are going for more complex levels (not squares/triangles), would it be worth building the game so it uses triangles instead? The current grid based system I only have to do a small number of checks for collision, which means that I can have thousands of mobs that rely on world layout running in the same session (even on windows phone, where I had roughly ~7000 "spikers" and it ran smoothly), should I sacrifice the possibility of having mad numbers of enemies for a more complex level building system? (I would obviously have to implement a quad-tree [or similar structure more suited] to get decent speeds).</li><li>If I polish this game and finish it, would it be worth going through the effort of porting it to every mobile platform?</li></ol><p><br></p><p>And with all this text, I have to apologise, I had to head to work this morning before I finished making the last few changes for the windows build, so no screenshot or download yet, but hopefully at around 6:30pm tonight I can finish it and upload. Just want to get this draft off my top bar so people can read my keyboard-asplosion in the mean time.<br></p></div><img src="http://makegamessa.com/uploads/FileUpload/dd/86ba24de1dc6a7e7eb2846d8316428.png">
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  • Ok, you will need XNA 4.0 redist (and I hope that is all *holds thumbs*), the controls are slightly convoluted, but I left the sprites in for phone touch controls so you can give thoughts on size and placement. You will be put through 3 rounds of levels when you click "new game".<div><br></div><div><a href="https://www.box.com/s/316a3e87b0b2abf8d193">Prototype gets!</a></div>
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