September Challenge - SEMI-SANE

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So last night I launched the monthly challenges. A theme was chosen using a pseudo-random number generator and is SEMI-SANE. The goal is to encourage participation of all members of the community so people can submit their game related elements (from concept art to musical scores to full games). This is not location specific so I expect CT guys to get involved. For more information check and of the Monthly Challenge.pdf.

This is the thread where you can post your WIP. Go NUTS...


  • Can I advise that people rather start a thread on a per project basis. Everyone posting their projects in a single thread can be rather bad for signal to noise of the games.
  • The monthly challenge really should get its own sub-forum - or category in terms of how this forum works.

    Then, as Katuji said, threads per project, so people can start discussions and cross pollinating ideas and get input from different spheres :)
  • Ok yeah... let's start our own threads but reference them in here so that we have a centralized access point
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    So guys for ease of everyone your monthly challenge thread's title should be:

    [Semi-Sane] <Name of your game here>

    Also post a link to the thread in here and @ProjectX will update the OP with a link to the thread.

    [Edit] here is a link to my entry: Is It Real?
  • Im offering programming for the challenge if someone has an idea and wants to do something like music/art/writing/etc
  • As soon as we have a name, and have coalesced the unstructured chaos into something that can be expressed in a paragraph, we'll post a thread. Before next week, I hope..
  • Had an idea for a card game, but it was too much like We Didn't Playtest This At All. Will have to think of something else
  • Had an idea for a card game, but it was too much like We Didn't Playtest This At All.e
    Where the heck did you find this... I thought Munchkins was crazy enough, this one looks like... Like they really didn't care. Guess that was the point :)
  • I'm big into boardgames :) They made a sequel, We Didn't Playtest This Either
  • Bumping this to remind people it is still on (if the [semi-sane] posts didnt give that away :P)
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