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Welcome to this thread. The purpose of which is to form a central repository for my game ideas and prototypes that I shall be posting on MGSA. Each of these creations shall occupy a thread of its own posted somewhere else. But all shall link back to here, and be findable from here.



Colour Master

Sky Eagle vs. Ground Bear


Is It Real?


Portal 2 level a week


Eddie Riggs Pixelart
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  • So for the first prototype(s) I will be working on I am going retro. I was browesing Game.Dev and I came across an old prototypes and idea I had. So I want to make those and those. Both of these should — hopefully — be up here as functioning prototypes before the end of September.

    I give people full permission to make a snarky comment in this thread if I do not have at least one of them here before then.
  • *Reserved for snarky comments*

    Mind posting what the prototypes are?
  • I was hoping to post them in their own treads, but I'll give a brief here.

    1: Colour Master. A puzzle game about changing colours through the spectrum of light.

    2: Gravataition. A platformer cross SHMUP about a world which loses gravity in which the player travels, in their mech, to kill the gravity slug that causes platforms to become asteroids.
  • Snark Snark! Links! Videos!
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky Colour Master prototype circa 2009 now less snarking from you until I actually don't do something!
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    What's the goal here? Are these ideas you're working on? Are these ideas you've put to rest? Is this primarily a showcase? I can throw in some critique if it's appropriate.
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky

    This thread is a showcase which will link to my prototypes and projects.

    The high level ideas that I have posted are of old projects that I wish to complete.

    I will be creating a thread for Colour Master later today. It will have a more detail description of what I will be doing, and perhaps even some poorly done mockup screen. I would be very happy if you threw some critique into that thread when it is up. For now I need to get some work done before I can play. :)
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