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  • @karl182 - shot dude, pianos do seem to be particularly good at standing alone (at least until the rest of the instruments come in), and no worries, it was experience gained nevertheless :)
  • Eeee :D Of course I am personally biased towards the Cottonstar themes. Hehe :) Diggin your work man. I do think you should invest in proper headsets though, it's really worth it! Your face said as much when you tried mine on. lol
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  • For anyone wanting a bit of a Don Bluth animation nostalgia trip, I've been working on an instrumental version of the main song from the sequel to American Tail:

    *Dreams to Dream (instrumental)
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  • Been working on a cinematic piece for the past few months to try create a bigger sound than I usually end up with, happy with the results:

    *Never To Return

    Thanks to @mexicanopiumdog and Deon (BroForce) for their suggestions in tweaking & finalising!
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  • @Gibbo, wow that is an epic piece, good job. I really liked the stereo effect just before the 1 min mark.
  • Thanks @konman, helicopter stereo reverb FTW :)
  • Hey, cool! :D Really like the buildup all through the 2min mark. For some reason it sounded to me as if some of the sounds were "clipping" (I don't know if that's the right term, but some of the bass at around 2min kind of sounds like when you've got a speaker that's broken and part of the sound spectrum just doesn't come through?).
  • Thanks @Elyaradine, there is quite a bit of distortion used around that point though I did try to make sure there wasn't any clipping occurring, so that distortion effect could be the sound you're hearing :)
  • So for folks who haven't come across it yet, our chairman @LexAquillia has a regular podcast that covers video game law and some really interesting aspects that come out of this side of gaming. Wanted to post this here though as I did the intro and outro music for their show, which you can catch with this latest upload:

    *Critical Lawsuit Podcast 6 - How To Preserve Games
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    Some music pieces for the new year!

    Soundtrack for a short film entered into 2016's Imaginarium Awards which ended up winning the Film category:
    *The Catalyst Theme
    *The Catalyst Outro/Credits

    The theme to 2016 Global Game Jam game OCD Hero:
    *OCD Hero Theme

    Emotional string-based piece that started out as practise with chord progressions:

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  • Here's a tune created to accompany a crowd-funding video for an orphanage my brother helps run (if you want to see the video there's a link in the description on the SoundCloud page):

    *Ithemba Labantwana
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    Aside from composing, I also really enjoy voice acting so created some test clips for trying out various deep-voiced characters:

    (Voicing for Scar & Mufasa)

    (Voicing for Chief Bogo)
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    Been a while sharing music here, below is a track created for a mate of mine's YouTube gaming channel (his vids mainly focus around Counterstrike hence the countdown)

    *Clown Squad Countdown
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