Monthly Challenge


  • @mikegeyser it's an ideal, and I know it isn't the easiest to achieve. The thing is, when I look at all the top people in the industry — be it AAA or Indie — this is a quality they have.

    So with the criticism I intend to give. I want to push people to explore new thing, and strive to be better. Even if you just have an hour you can do something cool in just an hour.

    Andy Moore pushes the envelope on short game jams, and he doesn't believe he is good at it, I think he is, so even if people set their goal to just making something in an hour and iterating on that so they get better at it it would be great!

    The thing is, and where the community is lacking, is putting something up on the forums saying "Hey I'm doing this." It's making a public commitment, and allowing one's peers to comment and encourage people to meet these goals.

    @Nandrew was really great at this back on Game.Dev. There was a week left on a competition, and some of us hadn't had the time to work on the games. His advice was to scrap our current ideas, and focus on making a game we could get done on the week. Advice like that is fucking great! But unless people post their ideas/prototypes/games here there won't be that development.

    On that note I have a thread to start so people can yell at me for not posting prototypes!
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