C# programer required

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Hi all, we busy working on a small mobile game, if you a C# programer & avaialble to get involved part time let me know. It's intended for release. The platform we releasing it on is fully behind us, they want to see this game finished.


  • Hi Oliver, any chance you could post some more information about this position.

    @hermantulleken gave made an excellent post looking for a person here
  • Hey Surtr & Karuji,

    This is a project will mostly likely appeal to new game developers as we a bunch of guys making our debut.

    Currently we working on it using the profit share approach for the game title. Most of us have our day jobs that pays the bills & we work on the game on the side, the trick is that the game is scaleable so we can bite off as much as we can chew. There is room for funding but we busy with discussions & weighing up the pros & cons.

    Profits are not the focus of our attention, we more fixated on making games.

    So if anyone is keen to get into game development, we looking for a C# programer.
    There are already a few programers showing interest but we keen to get the word out & see who fits the bill.

    Also we already have a few writers, artists & sound engineers on the ready but drop me a shout none the less.

    From there we can start talking more about the game itself.

    Thanks for the website & the support guys.
  • Hi

    This sounds interesting. C# is my main language - I'm busy doing my masters in artificial intelligence and computational intelligence, and I'm focusing on C#. I have a few years experience in it. What kind of skills would I need if I wanted to get involved?

    Ciao, Mark
  • HI Swinefish, stoked you interested, I've dropped you a message.
  • Okay, much better detail with the second post. Can you tell us anything about the style of the game. Or if that isn't solidified yet at least an inclination of your influences?
  • Hi Funtastic, thanks for interest. I'm very keen to show the game to you guys when we make serious progress. For now the game design is already fairly solidified. I've chosen to save the details for the first meeting with those who are keen to hear more, let me know & I will drop you a message with further details.
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