[Event] UCT Tower Defense Prac - GM questions welcome!

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Last week I lectured at UCT as part of the CS students' introduction to the games course they've just started. Kinda spoke about the common mistakes that tend to be made in a university/CS environment and gave a brief rundown of how Game Maker works and the sorts of stuff it lets you do (pretty much everything, including being rather damn smart). Obviously I pointed them here as a matter of principle ;)

I was also asked to set a practical, which they've got this week (and next, I believe) to work on, and I thought that starting a discussion here would not only let them ask GM-related questions easily of a bunch of people that know GM pretty well, but some of our non-UCT-student members might want to mess with the prac too. So, here we go:

Prac Goal:
Build a tower defense game, using the provided base as a starting point, that is over (won or lost) in at most 5 minutes.

Bonus points for:
-An interesting reason why the game ends at 5 minutes...
-An economy that governs tower creation.
-Enemies that spawn in waves.
-Areas that you can't build towers on.
-Enemies that move along a path.
-Having at least 5 different kinds of towers.
-Enemies that exhibit different movement behaviors (flying or high speed, for instance) or boss enemies.
-Being able to upgrade towers.

P.S. The course itself is gamified, granting students exp for completing assignments, coming to class, etc. It's quite an interesting thing to be doing with a course about games ;)
Tower Defense base.zip
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