[SA Game Jam 2019] No Man is an Island

Jam Name: SA Game Jam 2019
Game Name: No Man is an Island
Team: Benjamin Crooks, Andrea Hayes, James Gibson and Sunny Woolls.
Level of Experience: 3 Professionals and 1 Hobbyist
Category: Diversity
Jam Time: 72 hour entry (changed from 48 to fix things!)

Game Build: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ao3iVaZgFDRmw_VhNG1ueaXc0DfC25_m

Edit: We've just uploaded a new build that has all of our ambient sounds, player movement barriers and clearer sprite images!

A game about a man stranded on a desert island, who goes through the seven stages of grief, and crafts items to survive.

We're making another walking sim, deal with it <3



  • Great art-style! Psyched to see what the narrative holds.
  • This looks amazing!!
  • Art style looks great! Can't wait to try out the ultimate walking experience xD
  • Love the art.
    Looking forward to see where this is going.
  • Thanks guys!! <3
  • Wow, the art! You guys are super talented!
  • So pretty, looking forward to seeing more
  • The art looks really really nice!
  • image
    1772 x 622 - 135K
  • Really pretty!! Crafting walking sim sounds cool!
  • A little bit late but here is our build :)


    Thank you for playing! It's been wild!
  • I like the art work a lot.
    Maybe some nice ambient music and touch of puzzles could be added at a later stage.
    Well done.
  • I like the art work a lot.
    Maybe some nice ambient music and touch of puzzles could be added at a later stage.
    Well done.
    We had the sounds ready to go but were super worried about the time :(

    We're working on a late second build right now that'll have all of our sounds and not just the character's sound effects :)
  • Looking forward to your second build. I definitely think ambient audio will help immerse players more. I enjoyed the transitions from far perspective to close, didn't expect that!
  • Looks amazing.
    A bit of music or background sound effects like waves on the beach and dripping water in the cave would really help immersion
  • First, love the art, it's amazing and on top of that everything plays well and reacts nicely (although on my 2560x1080 monitor the backgrounds cut off early, so I managed to just walk into nothingness on the left side of the forest before turning back to go get the stone on the beach). I do think having some form of interaction with the gathering or crafting could have gone a long way here. Even a little mini game of a bar you pull up and down to shave down the wood into a spear, or something along those lines to make those moments a bit more weighted :)
  • Thank you for all the feedback everyone! We've just uploaded a new build in the description :)
  • edited
    The narrative of this game pretty accurately captured my entire game jam experience xD nice little game. Perhaps ambient sounds would have been more immersive than the audio clips, and some more interactivity with the crafting would have been cool, but it's a nice idea, and so pretty!
  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
  • Finally got around to playing this!

    This game looks amazing and the art and sounds combined well to get me into the idea that I was stranded on an island. Knowing that the game would touch on the stages of grief (which made the character's response seem realistic) made me notice the stages more clearly and start to think about how I would react in a similar situation. I feel like every aspect of the game in its current form support the narrative gameplay well but would enjoy a little more interaction. Whether it be through mini-games (as suggested previously) or being forced to make impactful choices.

    Regardless, I enjoyed the game :) I loved the style (the island really is beautiful) and I am looking forward to seeing more in future!

  • @Fengol, we are all in Johannesburg. :)
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