Does anyone know where I can have a figurine made from my art?

I am looking to have a figurine made from a sketch / painting. Like a McFarlane figurine or something smaller perhaps.

Any help or info would be awesome :D


  • Im not sure where you could find an artist to create the 3d model (it could be a rather expensive exercise) - but I've used Shapeways to get stuff printed, and their quality is really good.
    Im sure there are some local providers tho - I've seen some local guys on twitter playing around with 3D printing.

    But if you dont have a 3d model already, thats where most of your cost is going to go.
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  • Chat to Harry at Rabbit. He'll be able to advise and print. It's not always cheap, depending on what materials you end up choosing, but Harry will help you make the right choices for what you need.
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  • I saw this company on facebook which I bookmarked (for employment opportunity ), they have some interesting printing and casting and scanning tech , quite cool . I have never dealt with them personally or anything ....
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    model it up and print it at
  • Hey Jurgen, PM me and we can talk.
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