[SA Game Jam 2017] Viva La Revolution

Hi! One man team here.

Project name: Viva La Revolution! (Working title)
Level of experience: Professional
48hr entry

I'm not sure where I'm going with this yet, but you collect civilians to form a revolutionary mob and lead them across town to do something...

Gameplay will be navigating a series hazards put in place by the oppressive oligarchy! I have the recruiting mechanic and some basic pathing in


Not sure how far I'll get but here is a gif of progress.

Feedback and ideas will appreciated!


  • This is looking and sounding awesome! Love the take on collecting people to rally around a cause.

    It has a Pikmin type feel and perhaps that could lead on to certain tasks needing to be completed. Perhaps you are a politician trying to get approval from all people and so you have to change your 'stance'/colour (maybe even a few text choices of saying what they want to hear?) to recruit different colour people. If they ever meet then a percentage of them leave your following.

    Hmmm... very cool! Keep going!
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  • This looks like it could be quite interesting! Keen to see what the goal is for collecting your minions
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    I loved this mechanic in Syndicate (way back in the 90s). Though of course then the collected people were human shields rather than supporters of a cause.

    The movement of the characters looks really good.

    I kind of obvious mechanic here is that some people require bigger crowd sizes to activate. So the players starts activating the most eager to protest people, and as the protest ball gets bigger it starts gaining momentum.

    I have no idea how you do it, but I'd love some of the protesters to be Millennials with cellphones, and once they're converted they start spreading the message on social media (perhaps the only way to reach other Millennials). Perhaps reporters could also be represented and run around with film crews. That kind of thing (I guess I'm saying that the protest is structured something like an actual revolution, only I'm not sure whether those mechanics would make it more fun).

    An event like the Arab Spring is really fascinating. And it feels like it lends itself to momentum building mechanics. (Not that this has to be historical, but maybe there's inspiration there, maybe even in our own history of fighting Apartheid).
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