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Quick question, not sure if it has been asked before. The just is...

Organising events is slightly different than talking about game related information. Knowing how many people are going to attend, keeping track of what will be discussed, sending out reminders or change notifications, etc. Has something like http://www.meetup.com/ been considered? facebook? public google calendar? Or is the goal to get people to regularly check makegamesSA? Which is also okay.

The reason I ask is that reminders for me are kinda getting important and I cannot sign up for them on the site and often forget to check the site, with regards to meetups. However, I can input them into my calendar (so its not such a big thing). Just some food for thought.


  • I would really like to see the JHB and CT communities use http://www.meetup.com which automatically sends out reminders and updates to the event.
  • @Elyaradine normally sets up a facebewk event for the meets.
  • Actually yes, getting people to come back to the site is a goal, but also not at the expense of convenience and common sense :) Yes there is also the Facebook event, I think we should link that from our pages, so that people can at least subscribe to that.
  • Yeah. The problem with failbook is I can only invite people who are on my friends list, and although anyone who likes IGDAjhb will see it on their feed, it's easy to miss. I hate spamming people, so every month I have to manually go through the whole list to select only Joburg game people. >_<

    At the moment I just have a monthly Google Calendar reminder.
  • Link it from here so people can go to it themselves and just join it :)
  • Yup, link any event support notification things from the thread here. We used to have a separate mailing list that spawned the events, keeping track of multiple things was annoying, so I'd prefer to have people coming back to a single place for their MGSA info.

    Plus things like Geekdinner and 27dinners do just fine organising things on their own sites ;)
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    (ps they organise things fine on their own sites BUT they do still use those other notification things)

    (pps and they actually have their events tacked up on their home page... something we need to get done)
  • I will create Meetup communities for JHB and CT at the beginning of next year. There's fee ($12 a month) for creating communities on the service but I believe it's worth it.
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