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Been looking at something like DotA/LoL/HoN/AoS/etc., and thinking about how I can simplify that into something super basic and fundamental that still feels like the original thing... and then maybe I can tweak that and see if other variations of the game come up while still feeling like that type of game. This is partly because I find myself rather enjoying these games without actually having been able to put my finger on what I enjoy about them. I mean, some of it's definitely because of community (friends playing, and grabbing me to join in). Some of it is how satisfying it is to be supremely powerful and kill a whole bunch of things (whether it's a wave of creeps in one shot, or a few different heroes, or something...). Some of it is the idea of progression. Filling up bars, maximising stats, advancement.

Also, was thinking about how Dominion in League of Legends was kind of the same game, but felt quite different too. Much more action, shorter games, but still felt like an AoS-styled game.

Ran into some logic problem there that I'm too lazy to think through right now, so my prototype's broken. :<

This is what it's like at the moment though:

The idea's that the bottom row is the "creeps". Just numbers that spawn, and when they meet a number on the enemy team, the number counts down depending on how big the difference between them. It's turn-based.

Then, the top row would be your hero, who would be represented by three (four) numbers. Current (max) HP, strength, gold. Every turn, you'd get a tiny amount of gold, and a little bit more gold if you're in one of the adjacent blocks to an enemy creep dying. You'd be able to click on the creep too to reduce its number, but your hp drops then. If you run all the way back to the start of your row, you lose all your gold, but your strength increases.

And towers at some point, I guess.

Something like that. I'm not convinced this is simple enough yet, because I've been playing programmer for a couple of hours and don't yet have a game.

Meanwhile, Fuzzy linked me to this, and it kind of blew my mind: http://www.nekogames.jp/g.html?gid=PRM


  • Hey cool :D it sounds like that thought I had the other day - if you take away the narrative from a game, it'd still be the same game, but with numbers. Like Mathscraft :)

    I really like the way it represented all the parts pretty well everything, even the last hit mechanic :)

    I'm on a bit of a similar mission, but with magic the gathering simplified to Tetris level controls, in real time :) trying to get the clockworks down is proving harder than anticipated but will share soon... Ish.
  • Any chance there's an English version of the Neko game?
  • Click on "English" in the bottom right-hand corner of the help box that appears when the page loads :P

    Took me a while to see that as well...
  • thanks to that damn neko game I was up all night, finally went to sleep at 4:58 this morning
    but it was fun.
  • I really like where this is going Elyaradine. Make it playable!
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