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Hello Everyone!

I have been absolutely oblivious of this section here and I think it might be useful if you guys saw my showreel too! :D
I'm always keen on collaborating so give me a shout.

Password is "ivo93sissolak"


  • Really nice! I especially like 02:39 and similar afterwards, quite a big variety of music styles as well.
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  • Great range indeed (personally reckon the orchestral stuff sounded the best), thanks for sharing the showreel!
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  • Wow dude, this is a great reel, I also feel your orchestral arrangement stuff is your strongest. At some points during the adventure times section I was thinking that the vocals don't gel well.
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  • So I made a semi-professional temporary website on wix.com
    If you have a second could you check it out and give me some feedback on how it looks/feels/sounds :D
    Thanks Forumites!
  • Just watched your show-reel. Blew my mind man. The audio fitted the video very well and the variety of your work is really wide.
  • Thank you! That reel is very long due for a make-over but I appreciate the kind words!
  • Very cool reel! I liked the electronic tracks the most, though the orchestral one with the guitar was memorable too.

    Website is basic, crisp and clean. Minor minor gripe, if you plan to improve it, maybe tell your web guy to look into a responsive design (google 'bootstrap'). First thing I do (OCD I know) when visiting a new website is minimize my browser to the same scale as a phone or tablet. The top menu (and other components) should collapse vertically. Makes it more accessible for the mobile audience etc...a minor thing. Otherwise looks very cool.

    Thanks for sharing Ivo :)
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  • Thanks @konman! First constructive criticism I have received for the website! I will look into changing the layout for mobile...good point! Much appreciated
  • A quick mention that Ivo is working with us on a game. He is very professional and his work is world class. 10/10 recommended.
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    Pro tip: Put a normal link to vimeo too for those of us without Flash :)
    EDIT: I see it on the site, nvm.
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    @bischonator Thanks for the kind words! :D :D
    @roguecode Heya, sorry..good idea! Here you go: vimeo.com/84753319
  • A quick mention that Ivo is working with us on a game. He is very professional and his work is world class. 10/10 recommended.
    This is actually a valid point. @Mexicanopiumdog would you like testimonials for your site? We'd be happy to supply - all of the work you've done for us has been spot on :)
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  • Sound dump!!



    The tracks are only 30secs long but I thought I'd give a taste of my "favourite" tracks from the last 2 years - feedback is very welcome but only if it is formulated in Parseltongue.
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  • You've really stepped your game up mate, great variety of demos!

    Get in contact with the SABC about your SA folk music, now that they've mandated to have all their stations play 90% local music they'll be looking for content
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  • Thanks Kevin! Will keep that in mind!
  • Hey everyone!

    Apart from my normal work in Sound design and Music I have spent last Christmas and new year recording farm sounds in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It took me a while to edit all the files and do the necessary admin to be able to release it but I finally have it up now!



    It is on Sale for a week if you have ever wanted that Hadeda Ringtone you have dreamed of for so long.

    Along with some of the Cape Town game-audio guys we also recently recorded some Scrapyard Sounds and I would love to give back to the support of this community, that dishes out free feedback and resources ALL the time.

    So please PM me and I will happily link you to the Scrapyard FX google drive folder.

    Have an amazing week!
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