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Hi Everyone,

My name is Etienne Kruger, i work as a Freelance sound engineer, and full time Certified ProTools instructor at the Academy of Sound Engineering.

I also now teach ProTools for Game Audio, which teaches people various workflows for all the different audio elements usually found in games.

I've been doing music recordings mainly, however my biggest love is for video games and would love to combine my audio skills with your guys programming and designing skills!

I have been messing around with Unity, and managed to slap a little game together by following some tutorials etc. My coding skills are still weak, but im working on that :)

So im putting myself out there for anybody that needs some audio work done, money doesnt matter, im doing this for the love.

I have access to quite a variety of studios, microphones and other audio gear, and would love to start making some audio palettes for you guys.

Looking forward to hearing and hopefully working with some of you guys in the near future.



  • We can always use more sound guys! Got a link to a portolio?
  • E_TE_T
    Hi raithza!

    Great to hear! i will upload some of my work on soundcloud and post the link here as soon as i get home tonight.

    Like i said, most of my work has been music recording and mixing, ranging from rock/metal and contemporary music , to choirs and orchestral recordings. I have also done my fair share of voice-over recordings, will try upload some of that as well.

    Last year i also had the privilege of working with Chris Tin, who's compositions has been used in Civilization IV (Baba Yetu) and also more recently in Karateka.

    here is a link to my ProTools status profile in the mean time (unfortunately no audio), and then i will load tons of stuff on soundcloud for you tonight.

  • Hey there and welcome!

    Very cool to hear you've worked with Christopher Tin, that guy is an inspirational composer! Was that for The Drop That Contained The Sea and did you make use of the Soweto Gospel Choir as part of that?
  • Hi Gibbo,

    That is correct yes, we did 2 songs with the Soweto Gospel Choir for his new album, we did a Xhosa song, and another one in Lango (or some exotic language like that). At the same time he also used the Soweto Gospel Choir on a composition of his for Emirates Airlines to use on that massive water fountain in dubai, same as they did for baba yetu of his. (this one ->

    It was an amazing experience, long days and late nights, but all worth it.

  • @raithza i have attached soundcloud link in the first post of some local music I worked on, will add some more soon.
  • Thanks for sharing, and that must've been quite an experience, looking forward to hearing the final album (though apparently only out early next year)
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