D: Onstage Onslaught

The idea is you're playing guitar on stage and you have to dodge what the crowd is throwing on stage while picking up some bonuses for score.


Rules: Dodge the beer cans, tomatoes, three different colour glow sticks and the beach balls while trying to collect the bras and roses all being thrown on stage.

Controls: Left arrow to dodge left, right arrow to dodge right.


Tell me what you think for a first game? :)


  • Cool idea!

    You definitely need to fix this bug though:
    If you are holding a key down and then hold the other key down, when you release the first key, all movement stops until you release BOTH keys and start again.
  • @Nitrogen Thanks for the heads up :) I fixed it, now if both buttons are pressed at the same time there is no movement but if you release one you will move in the direction of the other button still held in.
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  • Looks really cool for your first game! Plays like those classic handheld games, fun for highscore hijinx :) If you wanna continue adding to it, what would you add?

    Crowdsurfing for bonuses?
    Comboing (collect bra + undies for a set bonus, x bras in a row chain, etc?)
    Letting the other band members get in on the action... Like protecting them from things thrown at them?
  • @Tuism Those are some good ideas thanks :) I like the idea of adding comboing bonuses, I'll definitely consider adding that!
  • Not too shabby at all for a first effort! I think the only issue I had was that pickups and obstacles tended to spawn too quickly/close together, meaning that it was sometimes near-impossible to dodge everything AND pick up that glorious Underwear of Victory. I also think that the guitarist's hitbox may be a little big, but that could just be a side-effect of me not being able to dodge fast enough. :P
  • @Gazza_N Thanks for the comments :) the idea I had was of the guitarist being just mobbed with stuff thrown on stage so it is near impossible to last long :p because it gets repetitive I tried to make highscores harder to get. However I realize that having stuff spawn in a bundle is a bit of an issue. The hitbox of the guitarist is from shoulder to shoulder, I excluded the extended arm from the hitbox because if not that would have just been to difficult to dodge anything :p
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