Glad I found this place!

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Hi all I'm Clayton and I'm new here. I actually didn't know about this website until this morning. Bit about myself: I'm 20 yrs of age and just recently quit university after studying a degree in Basic education for Civil Tech. I quit because I know I should do something I love and that's why I started Game Development. I have not yet released a game yet but I'm strong on my way. Hope to make some friends here! I use Unity/Photoshop/Inkscape/Blender and Javascript in Monodevelop. Recently started a project and 20% through it I stepped away from it as it was way too big to take on. Now I'm creating a small game and its MUCH more controllable.

Thanks for the read
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  • Welcome!

    Also, tell us more about your game that you are working on!
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    Thanks. Its a small game that has been made a lot where the player flip tiles to match 2 pictures that are hidden behind the tiles. I'm planning on adding a twist to it to make it unique and I want to add collectables/maybe Exp etc. Been working on it for about a week. It might take a while as I'm doing everything on my own but its the most fun ever. I'm planning on releasing it on any touch device. Also want to add different looks for stages as it gets harder. Here's what it looks like.

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    One quick thing that stands out - if that's designed for a touchscreen then your individual tiles are seriously on the small side. Apple's guidelines for touchscreen interactions suggest minimum 40x40 pixel unambiguous selection areas (at iPad2 levels of pixels per inch) so you might want to spread out your tikis and/or make them bigger. You've definitely got the screen real-estate for it ;)

    Also, welcome to the community!
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  • Thanks for the tip! Think I will enlarge them than. Small things that make it count :)
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