Switching from (Non-Game) Developer to Game Designer

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Hi all,
I have always been interested in games (of all types). I have recently decided to start making games myself. For the past 12 years I have worked as a software developer (predominantly Java, with small amounts of other stuff). So, any advice on making the switch to game development? I want to start off doing things in my spare time (alas, I strongly doubt that I can find a job in the game industry for my current salary).

Interest wise, I am far more interested in gameplay, design and story, rather than graphics. Skills wise, like I said I have a lot of Java experience, although I would be happy to learn a new language (I already know Ruby, Python and C++). Is it worth using something like unity or construct2 to get started?


  • Short answer: Unity, hell yes! C# is quite close to java. Download it, follow some tuts, start having fun - the rest will take care of itself.

    Long answer: Been covered a million times in this forum, but I don't think there are any sticky posts yet, so I'll let someone else give the long answer.
  • libgdx seems to be popular with the java crowd
  • Short answer covers it :)
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