[rAge 2013] Game submissions


  • As per @aodendaal's presso, the following games will be shown at rAge :

    Desktop Dungeons
    Rooks Keep
    A Day in the Woods
    Death Lazer
    Pixel Boy
    System Crash

    Congrats to the guys that made it! That's some top quality game dev coming out of SA :D

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  • I would like to ask everyone who submitted games for rAge to please submit their games for A MAZE. Interact as well. Would any of you object?
  • @Hanli, we would love to submit, will send an email soon.

    Am super excited about rAge and all forthcoming ongoings :) Thanks to makegamessa committee for choosing Pixel Boy to be one of the games shown at rAge. (Dave and I are completely overjoyed!)
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  • Thanks guys, this is really awesome :)
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