[#PROTOSHI] 4 ADVANCED Escape Darkness

I decided to go with a First Person Puzzle Game to tie into the out of reach theme this week.

I was inspired by Lightmatter (Another puzzle game based around light) so I tried to build a trigger system around the balls of light.
The 1 puzzle isn't anything very complex but it shows off the mechanic and fits the theme.

Escape Darkness
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  • I dig the idea of using light in puzzles. Re7 has the player rotating an object around to get the shadows to create an image on the wall.
    Another idea could be having to create enough light on a specific point to get it to activate.

    Keen to see what you do with this. :) Good going.
  • I'm also intrigued by using light & shadows for puzzles. Lightmatter piqued my interest too and it's got a fair number of good reviews on Steam so there's an audience for this kind of game.

    In Escape Darkness I kept trying to jump and grab the 3rd light hanging on the arch :) Would helped me to have a more cues when an alter was activated (I saw the candles light up but didn't realise that it also opened the gate).

    Overall nice job, cool entry.

  • I really like the lighting system. Atmosphere did feel scary and claustrophobic at times XD
    Only issue I have is that the light sphere is a little bit too big, otherwise. Good Entry, well done!
  • @ashashza I think audio cues would have helped massively there, simple gate moving probably would have given it away :) I was a bit pressed for time so I unfortunately didn't get to implement that. thank you for the feedback
  • @VMASTER thank you for the feedback, I had other ideas I would have preferred for the light ball (not being in the middle of your view for one) but I had to make some sacrifices to atleast get the different components working and implemented into even a simple puzzle.
  • @iamdavidnight thanks for the feedback, I was considering using shadows but I'm not well versed in shader tech so I wasn't confident in my ability to getting anything responding to the shadows properly. If I had more time to refine I would have loved to add the ability to redirect light (maybe mirrors and beams?) so that you had to focus it on a single spot to activate something.
    who knows maybe in the future
  • I dig the idea of using light in puzzles. Re7 has the player rotating an object around to get the shadows to create an image on the wall.
    Just for the sake of conversation... Does Re7 shadow puzzles work as long as the result of the shadows is correct? what I mean is, can the player place the objects anywhere as long as the shadows makes the right shape, or are the objects placed in a very specific position?
    The reason I'm asking is because, if it is the latter, then it is a very simple puzzle system to build.
    You just need to check for the correct placement of the shadowcasting objects... like switches...
    the fact that their shadows create an image or shape is merely a side-effect that the player presumes to be a visual solution to the puzzle... but in reality it is merely a cosmetic result of correct positioning.

  • Not sure how they coded that magic. But Re7 has the objects in one position with a light placed behind it shining a shadow on a wall. You rotate the object to be in the correct position.

    Think it must probably check for the objects rotation.
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