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Stupid Bullet Time initially started as a top-down shooter where the player would have 5 seconds of bullet time to use for every level. The main idea was to build combat puzzles based off very limited resources. The limited resources idea evolved into a 5 shot pistol with the ability to recall bullets back to the player, but with a 5-second cooldown before a bullet can be recalled.

Unfortunately, I only got as far as implementing the bullet recall mechanism so at present there aren't any enemies to fight. The game controls are as follows:
* Move: WASD and the arrow keys
* Look/Aim: Use mouse to have the character aim in the same direction as the mouse position
* Shoot: Left Mouse button
* Recall: Recall bullets lodged in the wall

The player has a total of 5 bullets available, but once a bullet is lodged in a wall it can be recalled back to the player.

Details on tech used:
Unity 2020 beta
The Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS)
Unity's preview stateless physics engine that's also DOTS compatible
Universal Rendering Pipeline
Unity's New Input System

The main motivation was to just take on a 3D project on my own. All previous attempts had been made as part of a team effort where I tend to focus more on the programming side. I tried focusing on building on a small prototyping level to flesh out each mechanic as I go. While I over-scoped my project by way too much, I did also have some motivation issues to just sit down and work a little on the project. Overall though I've fallen in love with ProBuilder as a white-boxing tool and I've also become a whole lot more comfortable figuring out the necessary 3D math to make what I want to do work.

PS. This is an incomplete prototype, submitted late and there is nothing that could relate to any of the themes required.
Game Preview.png
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  • Any chance you might upload a windows ZIP file instead...
    (My machine is still very standard and "fresh", so I don't want to install 3rd party software such as 7Zip unless absolutely necessary :)
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  • Apologies. I was in a rush to upload so used whatever got me the highest compression ratio. I'll make sure to upload a zip tomorrow.
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  • @Pierre I've added a zip upload as well now :)
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  • It's cool Prototype. I love the recall feature. Only problem I have is that the movement is a little bit too fast. Otherwise, it's a good start to something potentially greater. Good luck and well done!
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