Arcade game a week challenge

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Since I`m not super busy these days I decided to challenge myself to recreate an arcade game every week.
It does not need to be super polished and there are no amount of levels that need to be complete, as long as at least one is playable.
For the first week I made Donkey Kong :

You can try out a web build here : Donkey Kong

Arrows to move and space to jump.

Next week I`ll be making "Bubble Bobble". If you have any suggestions just shoot :)

PS: if anybody can tell me how to get images to work that would be great. this one is a link to a PNG on one drive.


  • This is so cool, can't wait to play the next one.
  • What a cool project! Keep it going!
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    OK, here is the next installment of my game a week challenge, "Bubble Bobble"


    Try it out here : BubbleBobble

    Left arrow, Right arrow to move.
    Up arrow to jump.
    space bar for blowing bubbles.

    Play in full screen mode else the sides get cut off for some reason.
    Added some music and sounds this time, really takes me back (and shows my age I guess).

    Edit: because I finished this one quickly, i will start on the next, "Ghost and Goblins", my all time favourite arcade game,
    which is going to take longer than most.
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