[SA Game Jam 2019]TTIT

Jam name (SA Game Jam 2019)
TTIT - Turning Tanks into Tanks.
Level of experience = Student
48hr entry.


The Idea of the game was to create a tank top down shooter, where the player morphs into the tank type that was hit with their last bullet thus "Turning things into things".
Game Made by Jadene and Brayden.
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  • Nice Job! It took me a while to realize I kept killing the same tank type with my last bullet :/ and thus didn't see my ability change. But after choosing my last target with more care I saw some of the abilities. Perhaps a visual indicator on the tank or popup text to show your new ability would help with that?

    Good job! I too am a fan of making my assets from Unity cubes and geo, nice style.

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  • I really like this concept - it challenges the player to not just shoot madly but really think about where they are aiming and strategising ahead. And I think this was well executed, with simple graphics that were easy to distinguish different types of tanks.
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  • Just gave this a try and really loved how the smooth the controls felt, as well aiming with the mouse. It felt like a skill that I needed to get better at whilst playing through the game a few times.

    I think for a future prototype it might be cool to use those trees as a shield that depletes and maybe allows the player to learn about the weapon type that they have just obtained from an enemy.

    The slow mo is a bit too slow some times. When the bullet does miss an enemy and goes off screen, I think it would be cool if the slow mo ended immediately.

    Some times it's hard to tell the difference between ammo type - for example, there is a pink bullet and a light blue bullet that seem to do the same thing? Not sure if that is on purpose though :)

    Other than those few things, a great concept! Very addictive and fun to play :P
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    Hey! Loved the game and the clean art style. Even though everything was a tank, they each looked unique and badass. The last bullet slow-mo mechanic is smart, and you should 100% look further into it. A small piece of criticism: Your game absolutely NEEDS explosions and cool effects, it would make it super-satisfying to blow up the opposing tanks. If you ever have time, check out this talk, for me personally it's the holy grail of making your game feel good.. Besides that, great job! It was fun meeting you guys at Vega and I hope we'll bump into eachother again at the next gamejam!
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  • Fun game! The tank movement and shooting is very smooth. Easy to understand, a bit harder to master (I got destroyed quite a few times).

    Some thoughts:
    - I fell off the map on my first try and cried while my tank fell into the abyss endlessly.
    - Sound effects would make the game much more satisfying
    - The last bullet mechanic: My ammo says 2 (bullets left), I click. I'm assuming I just shot my 2nd last bullet. The game slows down. I still have 1 bullet left?
    I was a bit confused. Does the game slow down so that I can fire my last bullet, or does the game think my 2nd last bullet is my last bullet and slows down for that? I tried figuring it out on my own but got even more confused when my 2nd last bullet granted me a new ability after killing a tank.

    If the first case is true (the game slows SO THAT I can fire my last bullet) - the slow-mo mechanic is fine and I'd expect the game to speed up right after firing my last bullet.
    If the second case is true (the game slows RIGHT AFTER firing my [2nd] last bullet) - the slow-mo left me waiting until my bullet hit an enemy very far away. I think the game should only go slow-mo when the bullet gets a bit closer to an enemy tank.

    Regardless of the last bullet confusion, I still enjoyed the game and think it's a very cool mechanic :D
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  • I really like the concept of turning into the thing you shot with your last bullet. Could be interesting if you took it further than just tanks.

    I agree with the previous comment, the controls are super slick and it makes the game a joy to play.

    The concept gets lost a bit because it is not always clear when you have turned into a new tank. Perhaps try to make that a bit clearer if you plan on taking it further.

    Also, when going into bullet time with your last shot I got a bit confused and didn’t realize I had to shoot again. It might work better if that just happened automatically.

    Other than that, it’s an excellent game and concept and I would love to see where this goes :)
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  • The game is really addicting to play and the slow motion of the final bullet give the game a very polished and clean feel. I would also suggest that there would be more of an indication of changing tanks even if it were just a quick effect that is unique to each type to allow players to immediately recognize the change in tanks.

    I would really like to see an update if you add in the teleportation system within the game.
  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
  • @Fengol we are currently located in Durban. :)
  • I think pretty much everything I experienced has been mentioned here, except that I love the chromatic abberation effect that you put in! It seems a shame to have such a fun control system and game mechanic not capitalised on with sounds, but I'm sure with a bit of time that can be implemented. Quick question: have you thought about having some of the tanks attack each other too? That might add an interesting dynamic; after driving off the edge (yelp) I realised all the tanks were swarming to the edge to attack only me. Groovy stuff though, would definitely keep this on my watch list for an update!
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