(SA GAME JAM 2019) SpyMan

jam name: SA GAME JAM 2019
Project Name : SpyMan
Level of experience : Hobbyist individual
48hr entry
link :https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vu8o9hK9uhuElNiCUrWWg1xfbSRrYxV1

discription: your a trainee spy, undergoing a test to see how u perform with no spy tools. escape the rooms before the time limit is reached and youll pass if not you lose.


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    a short video explaination of my game.
  • the spy
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  • The rush of the game is amazing.
    I like how you have to look so carefully to find the little things in the game.
    I haven't managed to get passed the Electronically Locked Door, but will continue trying for a bit. :D
    Nicely done.
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    Had a lot of fun while trying very hard to prove myself as a spy!

    Struggled a lot initially, while panicking as I ran out of time. Failed a few times. THEN, my master spy skills activated and I flew through the first few challenges (realising how to make picks helped a lot).
    Got very close to finishing, but I was short one pick.

    Second playthrough: This time I was determined. Managed to end with a time of +-38s left

    I enjoyed the panic of running around a room and frantically trying to craft things, the music was very fitting. The character movement also felt nice.

    Some minor suggestions/problems:
    - The paperclips are very hard to see (if we should be able to see them at all?). I thought they were in trash cans at first, but after being one clip short for quite some time I just spam-pressed E around any chair or piece of furniture I could find. Same with some of the other darker objects.
    - I was able to solve my lockpick shortage with some parkour (there were two instances where I managed to leap over walls, throwing me out of bounds once).
    - Crafting only goes one way. So if I put object A on top and B below, it won't work, but if I put B on top and A below it does. This made me think "Oh, these things can't be crafted together" at first. Figured it out though :)
    - Some of the menu text is very hard to read. When I started the game I couldn't see which button to press to play since the bottom text was being displayed over a black background. A white square behind the menu text should solve this.

    Very cool game :) Lots of fun! If the game gets more levels in future, I'd happily play again.
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    i rushed the level together had the exact same concerns lol.. diddnt get to put a roof on the level haha ., the crafting i intended to be tool ontop (scisors) and thing to craft bottom( diddnt have enough time to indicate this)so i left it thinking it would be interesting if people thought(like you did , that items dont go togther on first glance.But trying different combos would produce a result.) also similarly i wanted you to basically spam to find the second paperclip in the second room as when play testing if it was all easy to see it went way too smooth...glady will do a overhaul of the game when the jam is complete, i also knew menus where hard to see i was getting to that . anyway thanks for your feedback and when i do an update ill take all these things into consideration!!.
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  • also you definitely arent ment to get it on the first go lol, well done for getting there we'd glady accept you into the spyforce!!
  • ok so if you are keen here is my first update on spyman (after the jam)
    updated the options menu and some texts so its more easily visible
    changed time limit per room.
    changed crafting back to normal crafting so nothing needs to be in a specific order anymore

  • Introduction
    Okay, so I played the game for quite a while. I feel that the concept you came up with really does fit the theme well. I can see you used UE4, and from experience I know it's not the easiest thing in the world to get everything working smoothly. There are a few elements I really did enjoy but some annoyances as well.

    The Good
    Taking part in a spy exam is cool I'm not gonna lie. I actually thought the fact that you have to combine objects in a certain order was nice, really don't understand why other people are complaining about that. The animation on the character was actually rather smooth and it didn't really bother me. I also thought that the inventory system and the way the props looked once combined was not bad. Crafting new items did entertain me and looking for new combinations kept me busy.

    The Bad
    Sadly I never managed to complete the game. I guess I'm just not spy material QQ. Anyway despite me not being 007 worthy I do feel that it was not entirely down to my low IQ. The objects are hard to find due to some visual disasters. I don't mind having to work hard to locate something, but if the reason for that is due to technical problems rather than design I'm gonna complain. I did manage to craft the fake ID card but never found any use for it.

    The UI and background clashing with the text issue ( as mentioned by others) gave me a slight headache.I will also recommend using a higher intensity on the skylight to make the indirect lighting brighter. Make sure when using a mirror modifier with a subdivision modifier to delete the internal faces between the 2 halves that will prevent the weird seam that ran across the middle of your character.

    This was rather good for a 48-hour project and I encourage you to keep on developing games!

    Reviewed by Gerhard Botha from the BioCraft Team
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    thank you for your input, im glad you enjoyed the specific crafting makes the time matter more i think, but i changed it back to anyposition works in the update anyhow meh,!! Its my first time modeling haha i usually only do gameplay but thanks for the advice ill defs use it!!. if youd care to i did an updated version with some fixes to these problems:) links in my previous comment.
  • fake id opens last door
  • haha 48 hrs ...got 3 young kids(under 3)to take care of ...lets call it a 9hr jam for me
  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
  • Awesome job with this game I love the theme and the execution is well done. Just be careful with the text clipping because it stopped me reading it as well as the UI sometimes being difficult to read. Otherwise really fun gameplay experience
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