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Much too quiet in here. Let's talk. What's everyone up to, development-wise?

I'll start: due to Terri (my artist) being busy with RL work, I'm preparing for Ludum by speedcoding a few games in Unity. At the moment, I'm making a little PvP arena game using the my assets from Morf.
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  • Besides my endless amounts of thesis work and toying around with Twine; I am looking for any opportunities to write some content for actual games. So if anyone is in need of a content writer or know of someone, give a shout out :D?
  • Plane jam, which has turned into an airport jam (although finding plugs in the lounges is a lot easier and people keep bringing you icecream) on a game I've wanted to make for a while: 1-button area-control strategy game where you fire globs of paint and try to surround areas with your paint to fill them.

    Currently having issues with the area surrounding logic. Halfway through a quad-tree implementation because getpixel lookups are making everything horribly slow. Abandoned polygon-based paint approach earlier because it was tricky trying to fill areas that were surrounded.
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  • Working on a game for Game Prototype Challenge (an effort to actually make something instead of wishing I'd be more inspired), whereby the player is connected to moving objects by means of a wire/cable/line and must move around to try and keep that line as straight as possible (IE try to stop it wrapping around the moving objects).
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  • Busy on artwork for my craft-paper-style 2D platformer. Getting there, slowly but surely. Tonight's meetup definitely gave me some new inspiration though.
  • I'm taking things easy. I kind of burnt myself out preparing the portfolio and plans for GDC, and digesting the information I got there. In particular, I'm looking at doing stuff that I just plain find fun (painting, and actually finishing a playable prototype for a change, as I haven't done that in ages >_<) vs taking the AAA-advice to look at my strengths and improve on them even more. I'm not sure I know what my strengths actually are.

    I'm also looking at a visual redesign of Irelia from League of Legends for my Riot Games art test. The current idea is Sushi Chef Irelia, but still scribbling shapes to find something that's interesting while still being recognisable as Irelia... :)
  • I'm busy working on a virtual card game where you have to build your castle before the other 3 players while they try to stop you. It's based on Outpost Alpha - a small playable game inside the ship's computer of a point and click adventure game Return To Ringworld.

    It's in an almost playable state, and after it's done I'll be looking here to get ideas how exactly to make it *more* interesting and fun than the original it was based on.
  • @Adonais
    I am looking for any opportunities to write some content for actual games.
    Go through to the game jam and join a team spesifically as a writer as well. It's great practice, and really cool things can come out of it. Keiran (one of my MA's) and Ben are also specializing in game writing. They would be super excited to start a conversation with someone on this theme. DM me if you're interested and I'll give you their email addresses.
  • Busy with Experimental Gameplay comp, trying to get a mouse & keyboard 2D interface going in Unity3D. I using SpriteManager at the moment because I don't think NGui can do the sprite rotations I need but then I'm not sure it SpriteManagercan either
  • @aodendaal What sort of sprite rotations? I think in both circumstances if you rotate the object that the sprite is attached to the sprite will rotate... (transform.eulerAngles, transform.Rotate() ) Or do you mean looping image animations? Maybe I'm being daft and misunderstanding?

    I'm worrking on a boss fight for Broforce. Trying to make the characters be able to climb on the boss and be parented to it so as it moves around they follow. This is going to be necessary for standing on top of and inside moving vehicles, hanging on the undersides of elevators and swinging from intercontinental missiles as well.
  • It's scaling and rotation. I suspect it will be easy enough but it must work with mouse movement and clicking. I haven't gotten past a bit of framework setup and I'll be looking at it in depth tonight
  • Hopefully I can post on the forums and beg for your metioric understanding of 2D in Unity3D
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    There's a bunch of folk here that can answer Sprite questions I imagine. I'd be happy to help.

    Also maybe check out some step-by-step tutorials if you get stuck, I think there may be some resources in the newcomer thread. Getting 2D in Unity isn't as trivial as it should be (it's embarrassing that Unity has no build in Sprite class), and people regularly face down the problem you're facing, and there's a LOT of support for it.

    Looking forward to playing your prototype!
  • Getting back into normal life post-GDC.

    So emailing people from GDC, stalking writers to send presskits for zX. Tracking down people to translate our French videos. Working out when Mike and I are going to sit down and work through the feedback we got from the devs at GDC.

    Otherwise working on my new game, and pretending to study.
  • Somekind of space game... a dude in a suite (box) releasing oxygen(invisible force) to move around, controls are lame at the moment but plan to make it mouse only.
    left mouse button
    arrow keys OR A and D
    Otherwise jumping up and down eagerly awaiting my first Ludum Dare experience!
  • @Pomb I'd prefer it if I could rotate the character even when I'm not propelling myself.
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