Blender Tutor needed - Cape Town - Mowbray

I am looking for Blender paid tutoring in Mowbray, Cape Town. I am an old timer with lots of experience in Sketchup and Architecure modelling software but I want to get into proper grown up animation with Blender. I'm getting so stuck on easy stuff with video tutorials. I need someone to sit next to me and talk me thru it and get me on my way. Anybody able to help?
Thanks Mike
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  • Hi Mike, Unfortunately I haven't used blender in a while (Very sad I had to switch to maya). I don't think there is a better time then right now to get into Blender since its becoming a mainstream alternative and is already a major player in the Indie/freelance space and I'm sure wont take long until is used in full blown production. My point here is that you are making the right decision haha. When I first started learning I used video tutorials and to some extent I have learned everything I know from them. I do still suggest finding someone to help as I have found that having someone enthusiastic about the subject teaching you fast tracks the whole process.

    Here are some places I used to look at for help

    and also the blender forums

    Hope this helps!
  • I could also highly recommend the Blender Creator Course on Udemy.
    They've been updating the material for Blender 2.8, as well as keeping the 2.79 material.

    It starts very basic then progresses at a fairly good pace to more advanced topics. Blender scenes and reference materials included. Very good course.
  • I think @tadpolefarm is actually looking for someone in CT to talk to about some specific issues and questions he has; not just another tutorial. So if you're in CT and know Blender, give him a shout
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