[Prototyping] - Roguelike Prototyping - AStar Path Finding and Dynamic Tile Lighting

Hi Guys.

So first things. I have been playing around with some prototypes for some time. Always wanted to create a game to release.
I always get feedback... thank you !! .

Thanks to @EvanGreenwood Amaze project where I played around a bit with the physics driven model I tried to do some path finding. Learned A* by doing that. From that I learned a few things... as always.

Just a little dump here of what I have been tinkering on. Must say creating this Roguelike prototype has gotten me exited. Feels like this is something I want to pull thru ( Like I haven't said this before! ). I do know there are allot of Rogluelike games but why not.

Using the Unity Tutorial artwork for this. But I did not use the Scripts provided in it. Where is the fun in that. Create my own logic!

This is how it currently looks in a 2D Grid based logic.

Managed to use advanced version of http://makegamessa.com/discussion/5137/unity-2d-shader-edge-highlight-on-objects-colliders-or-2d-textures#latest for the lighting. Thinking of adding a proper line of sight to handle tiles behind wall.

Enemies only get into play once detected. Worked out good with their lighting added tot the scene.
This just shows melee attack but I do have ranged attack from the AI already in place.


Then Thanks to @Fengol on his comment in http://makegamessa.com/discussion/5506/proto-dungeon-card-game#latest
I created a creeper that can generate a Cave System , hallways and Rooms etc.


Googled around for some free sprites and found this. This just looks so good to me.
So this is going to be the biggest struggle for me. ARTWORK! Feel free to message me if you want to create some for this?



  • This looks promising! Keen to see progress! (I love games like Hammer Watch, killing lots of little enemies in dungeons makes me happy)
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