[Prototyping] - Roguelike Prototyping - AStar Path Finding and Dynamic Tile Lighting

Hi Guys.

So first things. I have been playing around with some prototypes for some time. Always wanted to create a game to release.
I always get feedback... thank you !! .

Thanks to @EvanGreenwood Amaze project where I played around a bit with the physics driven model I tried to do some path finding. Learned A* by doing that. From that I learned a few things... as always.

Just a little dump here of what I have been tinkering on. Must say creating this Roguelike prototype has gotten me exited. Feels like this is something I want to pull thru ( Like I haven't said this before! ). I do know there are allot of Rogluelike games but why not.

Using the Unity Tutorial artwork for this. But I did not use the Scripts provided in it. Where is the fun in that. Create my own logic!

This is how it currently looks in a 2D Grid based logic.

Managed to use advanced version of http://makegamessa.com/discussion/5137/unity-2d-shader-edge-highlight-on-objects-colliders-or-2d-textures#latest for the lighting. Thinking of adding a proper line of sight to handle tiles behind wall.

Enemies only get into play once detected. Worked out good with their lighting added tot the scene.
This just shows melee attack but I do have ranged attack from the AI already in place.


Then Thanks to @Fengol on his comment in http://makegamessa.com/discussion/5506/proto-dungeon-card-game#latest
I created a creeper that can generate a Cave System , hallways and Rooms etc.


Googled around for some free sprites and found this. This just looks so good to me.
So this is going to be the biggest struggle for me. ARTWORK! Feel free to message me if you want to create some for this?



  • This looks promising! Keen to see progress! (I love games like Hammer Watch, killing lots of little enemies in dungeons makes me happy)
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  • Hi Just an update on this.
    Would love your feedback. It is very basic still in concept.

    Systems I have in use is. ( A* PathFinding, Dynamic lighting per tile, Dungeon Generation ( 4 types Demo just shows Hallways and Rooms ) All prototypes that I am actually putting to use now.

    1. So I created this turn based version. Movement with WASD and you attack in the direction of your movement if a dirtwall or enemy is in your way.

    Playable here.


    2. Created a not so turn based version. Move with WASD and you aim and shoot with your mouse. A* updated the logic. But gets a bit heavy when there is 10+ enemies on the screen. ( LARGE GIF FILE and some reason the cursor looks wrong! )

    Playable here. ( I think I am going to go this route with development )
    If the level Start and there is an enemy on screen the AI might be broken just reload.


  • Very, very cool. I played a bit and enjoyed the general feel. Nice little anims, line of sight etc.
    I see most of the rogue-like checkboxes are already ticked.

    Keep up the good work! :)
  • konman said:
    Very, very cool. I played a bit and enjoyed the general feel. Nice little anims, line of sight etc.
    I see most of the rogue-like checkboxes are already ticked.

    Keep up the good work! :)
    Thank you. Also thanks for the link. Very usefull information on there.

    Did you play both or just the turn based one?

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    Some fine tuning to my character. Starting with that Mechanic.


    Some Aiming with a gun.

    Some Gun Recoil When Shooting. Using Animation. This also cause a bit of randomness to the next bullet.


    Subtle Camera action when shooting.


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  • Nice, the bullets seem to head towards the top left corner of the targeting icon, I may be incorrect. If not, a small offset on x,y could be useful.
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  • konman said:
    Nice, the bullets seem to head towards the top left corner of the targeting icon, I may be incorrect. If not, a small offset on x,y could be useful.
    Thanks . Sorted that out.

  • So I need some input please. I was wonder what theme to follow with this. Got to the point yesterday again where the should I make this feeling happened. This normally happens to me when I start thinking about the theme. That agh... I am not an artist etc... blah blah blah.

    Got up this morning and decided.
    1st. Not doing this for the money... This is not the focus for me. Would be brilliant if it becomes something awesome to sell on steam later.
    2nd. I need to complete a game. Even if it turns out crap.

    So I was thinking on a few themes. Sharing them here. Would love to have your take on it.

    1. Alice in Wonderland . I believe this IP is in the public domain? Alice going down levels all the way to the Queen as the final boss. Themed levels with card enemies as example. The Tea Part can be the shop. Treasure room access when shrinking. Basic Ideas but the Alice does not have gun play... :-(

    2. Alien shooter where your are the alien that is attacking earth. At the end of each level you teleport to a new town/map to repeat the round.
    Some problems I got with this. What does the alien collect .

    3. Wild West theme.Where you craft your legacy. Where each level counts as a day. Each map some random towns. Shops etc. some Random Gang Hideout for a lot of Money. A train that goes across the map ( will you rob it , Wanted status) . Stats and Weapons can be upgraded in town if not (wanted). Some maps will have a guy that you can pay your bounties before you go into town.
    Each map has bounties that the player can capture and collect rewards on. Random gangs while wondering.
    Permadeath where the Loot and Days count at your legacy.
    Killing enemies etc will drop ammo and money.

    The challenge for the player will be.

    Should I rob the train and go WANTED for more money and hope there is a bounty guy -Risk vs Money - Risk no upgrade in town.
    Should I buy other weapons and Upgrade stats - Cost Money
    Should I go after the gang hideout. - Risk vs Money
    Should I go and search for the boundties. Stay to long on a map and a Legendary Gang comes for you ( Example Sunset )

    Typing this out. Seems that I was leaning towards the Wild West Idea.

    Thanks for your time!

  • @dark_seth Wild West is great as it makes the game more unique and is not an over-used game trope (I think) and you already seem set on it as well. I am for it. Here's some random thoughts on your prototype and game development in general:

    1) As soon as one decides on a theme, it sets a dangerous precedent. It starts side-tracking the project and your focus to start making art etc for that theme instead of expanding mechanics. I think it is a bit early for that at this point so don't fall into that trap!

    2) It is probably worth thinking at this stage what ACTIONS, worthy of their time, the player will be repeatedly doing.

    3) Will there be boss fights?

    4) Will the player level up via XP? Is there a skill tree? Then one needs to decide on paper before-hand how that curve will work and how items and monsters will impact that progression curve.

    5) What type of game is this going to be? A speed run type game, a rogue-like or a rogue-lite? Is the player going to become more powerful via items acquired (inventory?). How will the game progression be handled. Think about how long it will take to complete the game and what the end result will be and the journey there.

    If you do go for Wild West, your levels could be 'horizontal' (towns, deserts, outlying areas) and 'vertical' (gold mine dungeons perhaps).

    I hope this does not come across as critique, but simply a thought process of one developer to another.

    Great job so far, I am watching this with interest. :D
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