[SA Game Jam 2018] DefEAT

Project name: DefEAT
Team: 2 x hobbyists (Melissa and Martin)
Time: 72hr

A strange game about eating.

Mechanic was originally going to be that you grow body parts in order to be able to eat food more efficiently (more arms, a bigger mouth, heat resistant tongue etc but that got a bit lost along the way. Very new to game design and any type of dev so just happy to have made a thing!

Now, eat up!



  • If you could build for mac I can give it a play... If you're using Unity, you can build for mac even if you don't have a mac.
  • @Tuism my bad I put a mac build up but didn't share the containing folder, have edited the post!
  • Lol, it's a lovely thing, I would barely call it a game, but what it is, is lovely :) Great animations and that intriguing... Thing, was interesting. But yeah there's not much there. I look forward to your whimsy and style used further in more stuff :)
  • @Tuism yeah it's not much of a game at all! I guess I've been interested in exploring the space between what is a game and what is not a game but I think with this I've learned that I do actually want to delve more into the game side of things (which is a helpful conclusion to reach). Thanks for your kind feedback :)
  • I was cracking up with laughter. I really enjoyed this. The animation was charming, and the ambient sound felt perfect and enhanced the humour.

    I'd have liked to have been able to make some choices to affect the outcome (which would make it more gamey), but this is such a great vignette as is. As is, it could perhaps have had a stronger ending to make it clear that the game was over.

    I really hope you make more things!
  • This left me feeling really happy and at the same time wanting more!

    I feel like there's space with a design like this to make it more of a "game". It's easy to imagine some order-of-execution puzzles with adding a few more verbs. Like having another verb to use the phone, and when (for instance) trying to use it while eating you grow another mouth which afterwards you can use to eat DOUBLE. For instance, that kind of thing. Unlocking progress by using the minimal number of verbs you have in the "correct" way.

    As it stands it's a surprising experience that feels really rewarding to play. There's plenty of examples of great "games" that don't offer a ton of challenge and "players" go linearly through the content and have a really good time. "Florence" by Ken Wong is a lovely linear experience that offers mildly challenging minigame obstacles in the path of more story-telling content. I don't think Def-Eat is much like Florence, but I'm pointing out that good content is more important than fitting to expectations of what a game is.

    I'm also a big fan of Vector Park's work, and the surprising changes in Def-Eat reminded me of his work (particularly the strange objects that morph into other objects and behave in coherent but surprising ways).
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  • @TerryPogger Just played this. I enjoyed it a lot! Definitely my kind of experience.
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