[SA Game Jam 2018] Barista Buzz

Here is our logline for a game we are making, hope you will like it: A slaving barista has to last as many gruelling shifts as she possibly can by serving coffee to run-down "zombie" hipsters.

SA Game Jam 2018
Barista Buzz
Students (@hainfulsparrow (3D artist), @cloudyboxscape (Programmer))
48hr entry ( we thought it was 72, but we handed it on Sunday not Monday, embarrassment) (*´д`*)

First upload: Down in the comments.
Itch.io : https://cloudy-boxscape.itch.io/barista-buzz


Thank you very much, everyone, that has downloaded and played Barista Buzz. It was a great journey for us, we went through a lot of sticky notes and gum. So without further ado here are the updates we have made for Barista Buzz. The reason it took so long was because the game freaked out and we lost all of our scripts. SO we technically had to almost start over completely, there were a few that we were able to trace back, but the rest where nowhere to be found. Luckily, we got it back to what it was and added the new updates. Hooray!


Indication when the enemies are near.
Indication for enemies health, which is a cloud.
Added animations when the enemies are defeated.
Enemies walk A LOT faster to the door.
Varieties of Hipsters.
You are able to see the high-score after you have been defeated.
Also included a tutorial on how to use the controls and what the power-ups do.
And most of all bugs (that can benefit the gameplay, teehee) has been fixed.

Future Updates:

Gameplay trailer

@Nandrew @kirsty_lee0 @Wes_Matthews @CurtisBetz @tasty_jose @luigi_weo @sumisukyo @Rigormortis @Pomb @megaguy32 @Weeabro @konman
696 x 390 - 353K


  • Here is a sneak peek, more screenshots will come later today :D
    1280 x 720 - 208K
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  • Here is our little "Main Menu" video. WAIT till you see it in the game :P
    Main Menu.gif
    600 x 338 - 802K
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  • Here is a quick update of what our level looks like.
    We took a crack at keeping to a limited color palette and decided to go for flat materials and hard shadows.


    Hope you guys like!
    611 x 393 - 202K
  • We have some bearded hipsters coming in with a CRAVING for some coffee.
    They cannot function without it...but then again, who can?
    Satisfy the needs of these fatigued customers or risk having them ambush you.

    It's time for their morning fix.


    How many shifts can you last?
    1280 x 720 - 102K
  • Do not be fooled by the serene setting of the Cafe.
    It might be tame now, but just wait...

    Stay Tuned
    Our progress on the start menu and the overall look and feel of the game.

    696 x 390 - 353K
  • Tying off some loose ends.
    We are so close now.

    Wrapping up
    It's time for sound design, some final tweaks and squishing some bugs.

  • Here is a turnaround of the Hipster character for the time being.
    Accessories not included.

    Man Bun Pun Incoming
    ~ You make bad puns?
    ~ Why not make some bad buns!

    600 x 338 - 1M
  • Clock is Ticking.
    We are very close to finishing.

    That's a Wrap
    Sounds Good. Game Good...LATTE BUGS!

  • Looking forward to seeing a playable! I note that this has changed to a 72 hour entry so might we be getting a chance to try the WIP? ;)
  • Nandrew said:
    Looking forward to seeing a playable! I note that this has changed to a 72 hour entry so might we be getting a chance to try the WIP? ;)
    We finished...Sadly no WIP, we cut it pretty close.

    Off to Build
    Fingers Crossed that nothing goes wrong.

    We will be uploading soon.
    Thank you so much for the support! (⊙ヮ⊙)

    Stay Tuned.


  • Uploading now

    Cannot wait!

    So far so good

  • Final Build and Upload!

    Here is the game
    Note: Still trying to upload to itch.io , but we are running into some problems so here is the game in the mean time
    Barista Buzz - Game.zip
  • Here it is! Cloudy Boxscapes FIRST upload on itch.io : https://cloudy-boxscape.itch.io/barista-buzz

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ -- What Barista Buzz is READY?!

    YES! Go ahead and download the game on Itch.io (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  • Hey! I just played your itch build and this is so pretty! The sounds are also really nice! It would be nice if I could see the damage I was doing to the enemies because I kind of have to guess if I am hitting them or when they're going to die. Also it would be cool if you gave some grace area. So if the zombies are getting too close there are some red warnings or flashes and the area they are not supposed to reach (the area that makes the player die) should be more defined so I know for sure how far away they need to be from me. Keep up the great work guys!
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  • Hi @kirsty_lee0, thank you very much for playing Barista Buzz WE really appreciate it. Thank you very much for the constructive feedback, we will definitely post an update later in the week where we will address the problem of when the enemies draw near, as for the health we prefer to keep it undefined to create a sense of urgency, once again thank you very much! (^▽^)
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  • Agreed with @kirsty_lee0 's points in having some feedback go a long way. Can't applaud the art style enough!
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  • The art style and sound is great and I love the concept. I fully agree with @kirsty_lee0's feedback though. Also, I'm not entirely sure what power ups I have or what use they are. Maybe that's user error on my end, but some clarity on these things would improve overall game play. It's a great start though and I really hope to see a more polished version sometime in the future. I can see myself getting stuck in this for a while when it's finished up.
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    @Wes_Matthews, thank you for playing Barista Buzz. We agree with you fully any feedback that can improve the game is awesome, thank you very much we are glad you love the art! ◕ ◡ ◕
  • @CurtisBetz, thank you for giving up your time to play Barista Buzz, we really enjoyed making the art. I fully agree with you we will definitely have a look into the power-ups, to help clarify it more for the players. We will polish Barista Buzz more, do keep an eye open for an update and that makes us super happy that you can get yourself stuck in the game, thank you very much. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • Man oh man the art is tasty. I think I encountered most of the same problems as everyone else above.
    Congrats guys great job.
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  • @tasty_joe Thank you very much, we are thrilled that you find our art tasty, it does look rather tasty. We will definitely work on it. Thank you for playing Barista Buzz
  • I really like the idea behind this. The art looks great and I love the color scheme you used. Love the character design the hipster.

    Only a few concerns, the objects that isn't two-sided and the rough edgy shadows.

    Can't wait to see the updated version of this and thanks for a great game. Congrats

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  • Agree with eveything @kirsty_lee said its gread just a bit of feedback some hipster music and adding a spray vs the bubbles will make this a instant fave.
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  • Fun and colourful! I like the presentation, and it's mainly the information/feedback limitations which are holding you back. I think people have already given good feedback in this thread, but I'd personally like to see a faster-moving projectile. The game tends to be dominated by slow-moving coffee bubbles in my experience, and it obscures the action ;)

    Voices are delightful too!
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  • @luigi_weo we are delighted that you like the design and the colour including the hipsters! We agree that the mesh see through, we will fix that and the shadows included. Thank you very much (✿◠‿◠)
  • @sumisukyo we are a lacking a bit of FX. We are going to do a bit more research on FX for games. And I agree to add some hipster music in the game. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
  • @Nandrew thank you very much! I agree with you about what is holding us back from feedback but we will be working on the game to fix it and make it better. And I agree with you that it looks so sloooooow, we will make it alot faster. Haha thank you very much we really enjoyed it. (ノ゜ω゜)ノ
  • Kreeeemaaah!

    That was pretty cool. I really like the setting/theme of this game and enjoyed spending time in the fake coffee shop. There were some interesting details to distract me as I waited for the first set of hipsters to arrive for their ritualistic bean grinding.

    From some of your comments it sounds like you guys want to take things forward. If that is the case I feel like room has to be made for player choices. If found myself simply pointing the gun at the door and holding down fire, which means the game essentially boils down to "when do I use my power ups". That could be an interesting enough mechanic, but I feel it's worth exploring things like multiple entrances and some limited movement behind the counter.
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  • Hahaha Kreeeeemaah indeed.
    Appreciated the work that went into the 3d, it's hard to do in such a short time, and it's overall quite charming and cohesive, I especially liked the fingers :D Well done on that front.

    The game play is a little boring, there's this illusion of choice with each of the cooldown timers on the use of the powers and what not but you don't get penalized as far as I can tell from choosing one over any other at any point in the game. According to Extra Credits a game is a series of interesting decisions, and unfortunately for Barista buzz, the decisions lack substance.Consider different zombie types who take more or less damage to different brew, a dark single origin hits hard and does double damage but has a very narrow stream and long reload times, the house blend has a wider spray but is pretty weak in terms of how much damage it does, ultimately both useful in different situations.
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  • My laptop was way slow and its probably high time that I get a new PC :P, but I continued and I have this to say, this a pretty funny game, playing on the 'need coffee' joke. Enjoyed the visuals. The Hipster 'zombie moans were a bit plentiful though.
    Good Job!
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    @Rigormortis Kreeeemaaah!

    That was pretty cool. We are glad that you like the theme of the game and playing Barista Buzz. We are working on to improve the spawn from the beginning.

    Indeed we are! We are excited to improve and push this game further. We are also planning a tutorial to help explain what the power-ups do. (・∀・ )
  • @Pomb Thank you very much, it means a lot to us!

    Like I have mentioned in the previous comment we are working on a tutorial that will help explain what the power-ups do. We will definitely take in the suggestion of "different zombie types who take more or less damage to a different brew". ʘ‿ʘ
  • @megaguy32 Thank you very much for playing Barista Buzz May we ask what do you mean by plentiful of moaning sounds?

    Thank you once again! (✪㉨✪)
  • I felt like there wasn't really a way to tell how close I was to satisfying a zombie, or whether I was even hitting it. Some feedback in that regard (damage figures floating up or a sound effect) would have been great.

    I'd also like to reiterate the previous note that the coffee takes up the whole screen, perhaps making it smaller and having it vanish on impact could be good?

    I had a lot of fun with it, regardless. Thanks for making it :)

    The concept is great and the voice lines worked really well!
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  • Zombie choir... Kreeeemaaah! Silence... Hahahahaha! Brilliant.

    Also noted the re-use of assets (paintings etc) to fill out the venue further. Very clever.

    A fun little entry with great model design and artwork. :)
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  • @Weeabro
    We thank you ever so much for taking the time to play our game and for your helpful feedback to improving the games experience.

    We have taken all the players concerns into account and have made an update that addresses all these problems.
    We do hope that you will enjoy the updated version even more.

    Thank you once again!
  • @konman
    Aww why thank you for the lovely compliments.
    We are very pleased to know you've enjoyed our game.

    Hope you will enjoy the updated version even more so.

    Thank you once again!
    (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
  • Hey my fellow game developers! We have a new update! Please have a look and enjoy our new update of Barista Buzz ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ
  • The application was spamming zombie sounds none stop. I'm not able to reproduce the thing though. So perhaps it was just a glitch
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  • @megaguy32 oh dear that doesn't sound good, can you give us a step through that gave you that situation, please? ʘ‿ʘ
  • Really Love the art Style and sound. The concept is neat and I love the gameplay. It's amazing how this came out!
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