LogicFlow seeks zero-experience to junior-mid level developers

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LogicFlow (currently, me!) is seeking young people willing to apply themselves to learning and achieving in a active developer role.

Current tasks on the horizon include:
-Unity upgrading/porting a game (several months' work)
-Unity AR project (couple months' work)
-Unity hidden object game (month or two's work)
-Image processing job (month's work, maybe using shaders)
...and possibly another large Unity job, as yet unconfirmed.

You DO NOT need to be university trained. You DO need to have the right sort of intellect, attitude, and drive to succeed. You also need to be amenable to a mentor/mentee relationship. This is very much a startup environment and requires people willing to work hard to help develop and maintain our client base in Cape Town.

On a paid contract basis and moving to perm in time. Should be in easy travelling distance to Hout Bay.
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