Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2018

This year's 7DRL challenge is coming 3rd to 11th March!

In 2005, the roguelike community established a yearly event, the 7DRL Challenge, in which developers are challenged to create a roguelike in seven days. This allows one to have the shared misery of knowing you are not the only one tracking down a bad pointer at the 167th hour. The annual event occurs during a week in early March.

7DRL Challenges are NOT about being a fast coder, but rather proving you can release a finished, playable roguelike to the world. There is no winner of the challenge, but rather all those who finish are honoured for their work, the criterion is completeness.


  • I'd love to help out with music and audio for any developers looking into this!
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  • I'm a developer and designer. This could possibly be quite fun. I just need to have a look at my schedule closer to the time.
  • I've entered a few times (mostly failed) and if I can fit it in this year will be competing again.

    Good luck to everyone that takes part - just remember only focus on making a roguelike that is playable (dont get stuck on "adjustments" the whole time, pay attention to making it a roguelike).
  • Ola! I want to help out with music too! Between me, Wolfbeard, and a few others, there is enough music to the projects to go around! <3
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    Into the fray we go again brothers, with only rudimentary weapons and only one life to seek glory with.
    Hope to do better this year, good luck everyone :)
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