C: Running dude

So I messed around with Spriter for a bit this morning, really enjoying it so far.
Working process could be a little easier but I managed to get this out in 30 mins. Not too bad if you ask me :).

Still need plenty of tweaking and fixing but let me know what you guys think. It's only 6 keyframes for now:



  • Nice and fluid and has some character. I don't know enough about this kind of thing to really say why, but he looks like he's just walking. Very determinedly, but walking non the same. Maybe someone with more experience can jump in with better feedback.
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  • He needs to lift off the ground more. Make the bounds like controlled leaps.
  • ...and lean the chest/trunk forward.
  • Ah I see what you mean. His body needs to launch from the moment his foot hits the ground, so that after his leg is straight it needs to keep rising to give the thrust to "propel" forward...

    Thanks :)
  • @duncanbellsa Exactly. Just to be clear, he will sink a bit after his foot hits the ground, bu will rise as his leg straightens up.
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    Ok I have updated it a bit more, still not quite done but I've managed to make some decent changes:

  • This is looking much better. It does give the impression that he's skipping though. Maybe because of that little backwards tilt he's doing.
  • Yeah the gif is supposed to be running at a faster rate but I'm battling to get the speed on the export right. But yes, I do see the skipping bit...
  • The two legs are not acting the same way. The one leg when planting on the ground is fully extended while the second is slightly bent. I prefer the second one, as I would imagine you would bend your leg slightly at the impact and then extend it fully.

    Also the arms are inconsistant to each other.

    If I can give you a piece of advice regarding Spriter. If you have multiple keyframes in your project, and you want to change some part of your animation, it is best to delete the "in between" keyframes and just work with the bare 5-10 keyframes for the changes, then re-add the frames you want in between for .gif smoothness.
  • Generally having the poses of opposite limbs the same is frowned upon and often will give you a more mechanical look. Having different poses will give you a more organic feel.
    I think the spacing of the legs coming down is a little weird and seem to be a linear move into the contact, changing the spacing to something more like this: / / / / /
    where the first frame just before the contact is higher off the ground. Similarly for the root of the character, you can Think of them as bouncing balls, this is the major reason why people teaching animation push the bouncing ball exercise, everything is a bouncing ball :)

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