[SA Game Jam 2017] Earth Prison

Category: Hobbyists

Earth Prison - 48 hr jam (Completed)

Move: WASD
Dash: Spacebar
Attack: K

Earth Prison is a hack and slash where you need to collect orbs to activate portals into the next level.
You can also choose the weapon that you will take on your journey.

Ashley Sanders - Programmer / designer (@AshleySanders)
Florian Bar - Artist / designer (@flobar)

960 x 540 - 4K
959 x 540 - 9K
900 x 543 - 7K


  • Love the style, looks really cool!
    Thanked by 2flobar AshleySanders
  • The art is awesome! Keen to play this.
    Thanked by 2flobar AshleySanders
  • This is looking awesome guys! Great work! It'd be cool to see an extra something something in terms of gameplay that could lend even MORE towards collecting...

    Perhaps players get trophies displayed when they've defeated a certain amount of creatures or mastered a weapon and that either display on screen or changes the character's outfit.

    Can't wait to check it out!
    Thanked by 2flobar AshleySanders
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    @CrissOle thanks for your feedback. We will be including a HUD that will indicate how many globes you have collected. It's in the screenshot now.

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  • Hey, I just had a quick run through this, and it's great so far! I love the art style and the challenge is pretty good too.

    I'm just a little confused by the orbs. I collected a full set, I think, but nothing seemed to happen. Is this build just without more levels?

    Also, it may just be my lack of sleep, but the camera feels sort of jittery? I'm not sure if there's a way to fix that. I know next to nothing about GameMaker.

    Overall I'm totally impressed to have something this playable at this stage of the jam. Good luck!
    Thanked by 2flobar AshleySanders
  • Hi, I love the oriental theme and your art... droooool. I cannot wait to play this!
    Thanked by 2flobar AshleySanders
  • @Bracula thanks for the feedback. Sorry if the game doesn't make sense yet. The portal should only glow up once you've collected all the globes. We just haven't had time to add another level yet. Will look into the camera issue as well. Thanks for stopping by.
  • Absolutely brilliant! Well done guys!

    I agree with the camera jitter which I know happens in game maker quite a bit. Looking forward to the last bit to be added :)
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    Great work! I love the art, and the dash feels soooo good.
    Other random feedback:
    -The sound effect for killing an enemy feels more like a negative sound IMO
    -There seems to be a bug with the globes where the state doesn't reset properly if you die and restart.
    -Shuriken feels OP because it has really longe range, so you don't have to put yourself in any danger to kill stuff

    Also maybe consider putting attack on a button instead of the mouse? Because the direction of the attack is controlled by the direction your character is facing instead of being controlled by the mouse pointer.
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  • @upside thanks so much for the constructive feedback. We'll look into it. Thanks for playing!
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  • This looks cool. Any chance of a mac build?
  • @SUGBOERIE Unfortunately not, focus was on getting a clean, playable game out so we stuck to a single platform
  • @upside we've updated the game and implemented your suggestions. Thanks again!
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  • Played your game, nice work!

    Loved the dashing, reminded me a bit of Hyper Light Drifter. Gameplay is challenging and that dash really came in handy!

    Controls were a little weird, I would have liked to use the arrow keys instead of WASD. Felt strange with hands bunched up at typing keys. Could just be personal preference though, and you get used to it quite quickly :)

    Don't think there's much difference between the melee weapons? Also, shuriken made gameplay considerably easier. Think it could work as a limited ranged attack?

    Art and atmosphere real nice and consistent! Some music/ambient sounds would have been cool :)

    All-in-all, I liked it! Nice game!

    Thanked by 2flobar AshleySanders
  • Amazing how much you did in such little time! Well done!
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  • Damn, wish I had that level of pixel art skill - well done guys!
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  • The art is great, The creeps spawn a bit fast for me xD but I'm probably just a noob. Great job!
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