Elbowroom, the multiplayer platform racing game

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Yo yo, Elbowroom is a game my friends and I made while studying. Since then I made it multiplayer and created a pretty fun racetrack. I think it has potential. I'd like you to check it out and see what you think. Would you buy a game like this? So please check it out and I hope you have fun!

Dropbox link:

You can play singleplayer on your own, but for multiplayer you will need at least two people to start a race. The controls are shown in the game. The objective is to get to the end of the level as quickly as you can.


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  • Interesting:)

    Reminds me of.... skyroads!


    Did you ever try skyroads? I think you might want to look at it for a movement reference, in that games the characters feels like it has a lot of weight, where as yours feel a bit floaty.

    Also, you might want to use a monospaced font for your timer, and clip it to two decimal places, right now its jumping all over the place...

    Keep it up! Hope to see another iteration of this soon.
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  • Sorry I haven't played the game, but just a heads up there is another game called elbowroom by a studio called Deep Dark Hole (formerly Cipher Prime). FYI if ever you decide to take it further.
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  • Hey @Plenopterix
    I tried out the game. It is really hard to say if I think it has potential. If it had a particularly interesting mechanic then it would be easier to say - as it could be fun without any polish.
    But right now before I'd actually enjoy playing it, it would need A LOT of juice/polish/etc.
    I don't believe that is a particularly bad thing by the way. A game like Trackmania doesn't really have many unique or interesting mechanics besides the generic "race from here to here". But what makes it really fun for me is how tight/precise the controls are, how pretty it is, and how perfect the feel of the car is. It makes it the perfect competitive game.
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    @TheFuntastic @roguecode @shanemarks

    Thanks for the feedback! It's always very helpful.


    Yes, I love Skyroads! I want to create a similar experience but with a bit more to it.
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