[Event] July: Board Game Jam CPT

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Following on from the success of the last Board Game Jam in March as well as the various upcoming events to showcase board games, as well as my general enthusiasm for these things, I've decided to plan and organise another jam.

As with the last one, this will be a 8 hour game jam (10am to 6pm) where people can make board games together on a theme or work on something they've already been tinkering with. The aim is to have a lot of people in the same room to help us all create cool things.

If you're interested, join the FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/110705772862095/

(Joining the event lets me guage interest and also communicate date or detail changes, so please do so).


  • A reminder to please join the FB event if you're interested in attending.

    The date is looking likely to be the 23rd of July.
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    Hey @dammit, we're keen to host this at Bandwidth Barn. If you're interested, give me a shout (you have my email address right?).

    EDIT: I realise now that my handle masks my true identity - it's Adoné :)
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  • @mmillions_

    Thanks! I think I have a venue sorted...need to confirm...but if that dies I will give you a shout :)
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