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I have received a job shadowing school project that is due next term and thought that shadowing a game developer could be an interesting learning experience. I am looking for game developers in/near the Western Cape that are willing to let me and my friend job shadow for 2 days. The projects requires that we fill out a question form, perform short interviews and do some form of "work" (Both of us know how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and some Access so we could even just organize the recycling schedule; We also take IT as a school subject and basic understanding of "programming"). We both understand that having someone in your office could be disruptive so if the developer(s) could provide some ground rules (excluding the obvious) we would be happy to comply.


Western Cape
29 & 30 June (or after)
We'll bring muffins.
We are Grade 11; We take IT; We play too many games; One of us has Level 2 Muffin Making.

Thank you


  • Hi @GiGGa, and welcome to the forums :)
    @dammit put the following together, just for you.

    How to job shadow.
    Some of the information might be out of date, but the advice is still very relevant.

    Another thing you could do is ask your parents to come with you to one of the monthly meetups, there is one happening next week Wednesday. You'll have an opportunity to meet many of the developers in Cape Town and chat to them about making games. They are all amazing people, and are always keen to help.

    Good luck :D
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    Thank you @pieter for all the help, I will definitely try my best to attend! (I was reading the @dammit post yesterday; rip l4d2 dreams)

    Before anyone suggests any developers -
    I have already contacted FreeLives and RetroEpic (if you are associated and unaware feel free to inquire).

    I will change my main post once I find someone but for the time being I am still looking for someone willing to take us.
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