[Event] Cape Town Community Night - 31 May

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This event happens monthly, is free to attend, and anyone may speak at the meetup - just comment beneath to let us know! This is for anyone and everyone interested in making games of any shape, size or type. Come join us!

Test games! Talk games! Make games!

When: 18:30 until around 21:30, Last Wednesday of the month

Where: Bandwidth Barn - 68 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925

If you have a demo you want played, bring a station on which people can play it, and set it up before the meetup begins!

- 6:30 - 7:00 - Meet and greet
- Rapid fire intros (10 min)
- Community News (5 min)

Talks - 2 x 20 min slots:
- A bit about "good" not being good enough by @EvanGreenwood
- Massively Multiplayer VR game by @superbike_z

Focused Feedback - 2 x 10 min slots
- Augmentors
- TBD (this could be you!)

Open Demo Floor

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1369816723106504/

If you'd like to give a talk or show something to get some feedback, please post below!
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  • I'd like to give a talk this month about a couple things:

    A bit about "good" not being good enough. Similar to this post-mortem: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/DanielWest/20150908/253040/Good_isnt_good_enough__releasing_an_indie_game_in_2015.php

    But I want to reconsider a couple ideas from that blog (ideas which aren't exclusive to that blog), and I want to go much more in depth about what I think I see actually working for developers. (hint, it isn't making a "good" game)

    I might even present some hard data (in the form of excel spreadsheets arranged in descending order) if @Squidcor helps me out a bit with his magic data scraping tool.
  • @EvanGreenwood: that sounds like a good talk (although we'll see if it's good enough ;P). It sounds like you want to cover a fair bit, so do you think 20min will be enough time for that, or will you need more?
  • If I think I'll need more than 20minutes I'll know closer to the time. I haven't timed the talk, but what I've written down doesn't look like more than 20minutes.
  • I might even present some hard data (in the form of excel spreadsheets arranged in descending order) if @Squidcor helps me out a bit with his magic data scraping tool.
    I can do this.

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  • Hey Guys!

    Would it be possible for my Team to show and get some feedback on our Alpha Launch coming up at the end of the month? :)

    You can find out more about our game here: www.augmentorsgame.com
  • Hello guys,
    We just started researching and working on A Massively Multiplayer VR game, We would like to give a short talk on the insights we have learnt and kind of present our roadmap to people for discussion.
  • I'm the secretary at UCT CLAWs (UCT's society for board games and RPGs) and we're wanting to know if any of the MGSA community would. Maybe come demo/test a board game or two.
    Should I come make an announcement or should I just post on the forums?
  • @AnonymousTheSpy: hey there! If you'd like to make an announcement at the meetup that'll be great, and if you can't make it (or would rather not speak at the event), just share the details and I'll relay them at the event (if you share them then anyone else that misses the event can also see them). You are also very welcome to make a separate thread, especially if you wanna start a bit of a discussion about it and/or get any feedback :)

    ICYMI, a couple of local board game designers showcased their work at FanCon recently
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