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Hey all,

I will be hosting a course in video game creation with Game Maker in collaboration with Learn3D.
I thought I'd share the information pamphlet with you all, perhaps some of you might know someone who would be interested :).

The course is open too all ages, however the material is mostly directed at teenagers between 16 and 19.


This is the general information flyer:

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  • Wonderful! Thank you. May I distribute this?
  • Hi Hanli,

    Yes, Please do :)!
  • I have a number of kids who are interested in the program here who are still in high school who may be interested. I will also send it on to the games innovation hub that is starting up in Braamfontein. It looks awesome :)
  • Fantastic, that's great! Thank you!
  • @hanli said:
    games innovation hub that is starting up in Braamfontein. It looks awesome :)
    What what what? Must know more!
  • Hi all,

    I have updated the first post. That is the emailer that was sent out this morning with all the details :)
  • Hi everyone,

    The lecture will be starting on monday, but I was hoping to find something out from you guys.

    I have compiled a flash drive of goodies for the students, and I was wondering if any of you guys had some games/game suggestions to contribute for the students to check out.

    I have basically tried to find a decent range of all kinds of different games made with Game Maker.
    So far I have the following:

    Ace's High over Verlor Island
    Action Fist!
    Blazin' Aces
    Boogie Tennis
    Halo demake (Eric Ruth games)
    Return 2 Sector 9
    Warlock Bentspine

    Let me know if you guys can think of anything more
  • The Desktop Dungeons alpha was made in GM too: http://www.desktopdungeons.net/media
  • Ah! Of course! Thanks for the reminder. Added!
  • Apparently Hotline Miami is also made in GM
  • I was going to include that, but I don't think its um... tailored to the youth...
    Most of the kids in the class this evening are around 16. I'd love to show them Hotline Miami, but I don't think that'll go too well... :D
  • Pfft! At 16 gore and violence were the best things ever (The original Blood demo was the shit - holycrapI'mold) anyway, personally I'd be totally cool with 16yr-olds playing a violent game that's all about making you extremely uncomfortable with that violence as it progresses. But yeah, Hotline Miami for short bursts feels like a completely different game.
  • I completely agree. I was playing Doom when I was like 9 :D. Best years of my life :D.
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