Trailer Advice "Revenge of the Letters"

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Morning Indies!

We have been working on our first game trailer "Revenge of the Letters" and we need some feedback from the professionals.
Please we are looking for an honest opinion so that we know which parts to add/remove and which effects to use to better improve the quality of the trailer.



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    I haven't given feedback for this game yet, although your thread has been up for a long while over at ...So this is my first time seeing the game (there is not video or screenshots in the development thread).

    I think the audio is probably the area where you can get the most improvement the easiest in this trailer. The song evokes military themes, it's a track usually over patriarchal footage of war preparations (and this song these days usually is used as a way to make the military seem silly), and it sort of works over the gameplay, but it's very much the wrong tone over the logo.

    There aren't any sound effects in the trailer not from the gameplay, just the music, so most of the action on screen is silent apart from the action in the gameplay (and these sounds are played at a constant full volume). This feel particular strange when the camera seems to focus on events other than the gameplay (like the military planning, the logo appearing or the feet stamping of that machine).

    I think it's also pretty hard to read the logo when it does come up (and the music doesn't cue the viewer that they're meant to focus their attention on what is on screen at that point).

    I'm not exactly sure what the narrative in the game is, but the narrative in the trailer is "Logo of Skinnyboy with pompous military music, Some military planning, then defending against some enemies and an upgrade option appears, then a bit more planning and some more defending, then the exact same clip of defending played a second time with a slow pan, then some close ups of presumably the good guys sort of standing around in front of their walking fortress and a air device flying upwards, then a fade to the logo and some lightning, then the music stops and trailer ends".

    I think I can see what you're trying to convey, that this is a tower defense game and the player controls a military force. But it sort of assumes that viewers already want to play a tower defense game, I mean, the trailer does very little to convey what is good about the gameplay and what happens in the gameplay, while the trailer spends a fair bit of time setting up who the protagonists in the game are and what their character is (presumably pompous British military who need to strategise to defend something).

    I can see that quite a lot of work already went into this trailer. I'm not exactly sure what your plan is for this trailer and who you want to reach (and what the trailers of your competitors look like, if you have any competitors).
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  • Thanks @EvanGreenwood

    "Revenge of the Letters" is set to be released around September to December because we have to replace all the characters with the newly created ones and more levels are currently being developed. And before "ROV" the'll be two games to release. We are now working on the points you have suggested so thank you very much for your input. I will post improvements once they are finished. Thanks
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