[Online Event] 1st MGSA online Jam

Seemed like there was quite a bit of interest for a online MGSA game jam so I am hosting it here on itch.io


You can form teams / introduce yourself / chat with others in this thread, the facebook group and/or this discord channel

Please feel free to message me if you need more info/ want to give me advice etc


  • Not going to lie. The theme sucks. Can't we come up with a real theme?
  • Yeah, the theme's not great, but I'm frankly just using this as an excuse to make something I've been wanting to jam anyway. I think a good theme is inspiring or challenging, but a super broad, generic theme shouldn't stop anyone from making something either, imo.
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    @mikethetike yeah I know it sucks I kinda wish I had made it better but I wanted the first one to be broad since it is many MGSA members first jam

    @Elyaradine yeah that was the point of the broadness ;P
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  • @moonpanda Themes that generally work, as far as i've seen, are often verbs, like "grow" or a slightly abstract concept that can have multiple interpretations, like "heat". A theme should both limit and inspire.

    "Fun" is not good because by definition most games are fun. So, you've basically said the theme is to make a game :P

    BUT good job on organising a jam anyway :) We need more people willing to make the effort.
  • Very happy this is happening and that it's on itch.io

    Small request, can you change the category of this post to Online Competitions & Jams instead of Events?
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  • The timing is not great for me, would have liked 2 weeks to a month warning so I can plan things appropriately. But hey, thanks for making a jam happen, hope you all have fun :)
  • I'm glad you're doing this btw. I appreciate a person who gets things going and then sorts out the details later, as opposed to the person who needs all the stars to be aligned before they do anything.
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  • I'm prototyping this thing and I guess I can shoehorn it into this theme :P

    Themes should be limitations to spurt something interesting - a completely open canvas often is difficult to start on.

    But I'm making something anyway so :P

    Thanks for organising! That's the raddest :)
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  • Is there someone that wants to team up or needs a team member? I am a Unity developer and C# coder
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    Fabulous! I have some spare time and 'tis bout time for another jam. Yeah!
    Team up or work alone? I think I'll start off solo to get things going I guess.
    Since jams are usually in the spirit of working together as a team... I'll just make something about teamwork then :)

    and...joined on itch.io.

    Project is called Fireteam (itch.io).
    MGSA Link
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    Um. This isn't a great gif (because 2-player game, and I'm all alone here), but if there's anyone who wants to make audio for this, please let me know!

    ([edit] I mean physically alone. @KleinM has been working with me in an inter-continental team.)

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  • Hiya, Fireteam is done and has been submitted. Whoot!
  • I just want to say that I think this jam turned out extremely well and you should not be discouraged by the number of entries. I hope you'll host it again (maybe with a bit more notice)
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    Mine is up now, FerrisFun. Will add images soon. All things considered I think this turn out was great, and I for one hope you continue your initiative for short jams.

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    @konman don't see Fireteam on the submissions feed :P might wanna check that

    @mikethetike yes definitely gonna host another one, this time with more notice and a better theme :P

    @vince thanks I definitely will host another, I had great fun and I hope others did too

  • @MoonPanda, oops sorry. How can I add it?
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