Just started learning from scratch about game development, launched our first project on android , have a long way to go still but developing is freaking awesome, check it out and let us know what you guys think.

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360 x 640 - 3M


  • Welcome @BlueDesertDio! I hope MGSA can be a great space that can support you on your path of learning to make games.

    Seems like you're off to a good start with Dodge Rocket! I don't have a device to test it out myself, but it looks like a great first game!

    Keep us all posted with what you work on next, and don't hesitate to ask the community for input if ever you need it!
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  • Thanks @Benjets, I definitely will.
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  • Unfortunately I'm iOS only so can't take a look, one way to get input and feedback is to get some videos and/or screenshots here for people to look at, animated gifs are always most welcome too. Getting people interested and attracted to your work from the first touchpoint is a good idea!

    Welcome! Hope you learn lots from MGSA, I did - and still will!
  • I had a go at the game, its got an interesting flavor to it, here are some thoughts.

    [-]The instructions read like a technical manual, maybe putting them inside the game and triggering a tutorial message when a certain action needs to be performed would be a bit more user friendly.
    [-]Not sure if this is a bug, but the second fuel bar depletes very fast and after the first fuel bar regardless if the release button is pressed or not.
    [-]You are measuring altitude in kms? km would be kilometers, km/s is kilometers per second.
    [-]I was surprised at how gentle and responsive your gyro controls are, I try to avoid games using gyro as a input mechanism, but yours is well done.
    [-]Would be nice if the upgrades were integrated into the level, so on first level you would dock to the ISS and be offered a refueling and an upgrade if you reach the sufficient altitude, instead of it being hidden in the main menu.
    [-]Sound is nice
    [-]Overall, very nice for a casual few minutes
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  • Thank you for the feedback , some really sound advice and ideas
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