C# whiz available to work part-time or freelance, remotely or on location near Fish Hoek, CT.

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I am an experienced software engineer, self-taught in C# programming and game development with qualifications in Computer Science and software development. I have lots of experience programming in C# and Java and have also had exposure to C/C++. I am self-disciplined and capable of working with little or no supervision. I am also a very fast learner and a proactive problem solver who is passionate about his craft.

I have game development experience with Unity, XNA, OpenTK and Xamarin across various disciplines within game programming including rendering, AI, physics, animation, tools, serialization, engine architecture and gameplay systems. I have rare talents for data-oriented software design and optimising CPU memory access patterns, as well as highly developed skills in debugging and making sense of undocumented or disassembled code from foreign sources, regardless of the language that it is written in.

I am currently available for part-time (~4 hours per day) or freelance game development work, ideally as a C# programmer, that I can perform remotely from my home in Fish Hoek, Cape Town or on location in a neighbouring suburb. I have a very capable Windows laptop, a mid-tier Mac-mini and various Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices at my disposal for working on and testing with.

For my education, employment history and published games please consult my attached CV.

If you are interested in my services, have any questions and/or would like to discuss rates, please email me at christophermyb@gmail.com
Christopher Myburgh CV.pdf


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