Thinking about doing a Broforce sequel. (And needing a senior gameplay programmer to achieve that)

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Broforce was obviously a big success for Free Lives, both commercially and creatively. For most of us at Free Lives it was our first commercial game project, and although it took a long time and wasn't easy, by the end of it we were really good at making Broforce.

So there's a good argument for making a sequel. There's definitely an audience out there that want it. Our publishing partner Devolver would like to publish it. And we're the best team to do it.

But, Free Lives has other games on the horizon which it is committed to, which pose new opportunities and new creative avenues to explore. If it is a choice between a sequel to Broforce and starting a new project, Free Lives is going to choose the new project (and this is largely because this will be more rewarding creatively).

But it may be possible to do both: Starting a new project as well as pursuing a sequel to Broforce.

The obstacle at the moment is that this means splitting the team, and Free Lives doesn't have senior programmers who can lead the programming on a Broforce sequel if this happens. (As the programmers we do employ would be busy with the new project).

It seems to me that there really aren't that many senior gameplay programmers in South Africa. And we'd need a really good one to build all the systems for a game like Broforce in a way that doesn't cause poor performance and refactoring headaches down the line (the original Broforce was an unwieldy mess by the end of it, and we'd want to do much better if we were developing a sequel). Of course this senior programmer wouldn't be doing all the coding themselves, what we need is someone to design the codebase and lead its development.

So that's why I'm writing this on these forums. We're not exactly hiring, as we don't know if it's even possible to hire a senior gameplay programmer in South Africa who can pull this off. It's a large project, at least as complex as the original Broforce, and the game-feel we'd be trying to achieve needs to be better than that of the original Broforce, and we'd need the person in Cape Town and willing to work in the kind of environment Free Lives provides as well as on a game like Broforce.

This is only really a concern for later in this year. Possibly July - August.

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know. PM's are welcome.


  • Hey Evan,

    Have you considered importing the talent on a year or two year visa?
    When I ran our 3D company we did this and I can tell you that it was worth every penny. I brought in a guy from Holland who worked with us for two years. He himself had been working at a large studio and the techniques and processes made us much more efficient and competitive. Even though we had been doing it for 8 years at that point (and thought we knew it all) he taught us a ton.

    I don't consider this as 'selling out' the local community because the processes that we learnt from him in turn filtered down to the studio and each and every employee took that massive knowledge gain forward. Most of the studios in SA have been impacted by that decision we took.

  • I also think that the culture at your company would be quite appealing to an international person - not having to worry about where you're gonna live and what you're gonna eat is a big concern for anyone who is looking at moving overseas.
  • Hey @EvanGreenwood, I sent you a PM.
  • Good luck to everyone! My gamedev friends (wannabees) in Cape Town all said they cant be a team member but they will contact you when they are comfortable and correct developers. Hope they contact you correctly (not that you have to wait for them, don't worry).
  • @ChristopherM Thanks! I sent you back a PM. Sorry about the late reply (I was out of the country for two weeks).
  • Hi Evan!

    I am still a bit of a noob when it comes to programming, so this question is purely out of curiosity. What language/engine do you guys use for your games? I read somewhere that Broforce was made in Unity. Is that correct?

    Kind regards
  • @stofStorm: Yep, Unity and C#.
  • It's also worth mentioning networking interest/experience would definitely sweeten the deal.

    Although it's definitely not a requirement, we have networking skills in-house, but it would put less stress on our network programmers if whomever we work with is self-sufficient, or even just cognisant, in terms of network programming.
  • Pease hire me. I am a game developer. I currently have 6 months experience in the game industry.
    6 months backend and front end Web App development.

    I have been coding since 2013 in Java and then learned other languages like C# which I use for Unity3D. I also know javascript, node.js, some php and C.

    I learn fast and I'm not afraid of "being thrown in the deep end". Therefore I am now responsible for an entire 3rd of the simulation game.

    I am a multi skilled employee. I studied electrical engineering in the computer systems field. I know how to do networking and worked as a junior network technician and pc support, repair and maintenance for a year. I even did admin work. I can also build robotic electronics and code driver functionality into memory.

    Please give me a chance. Travelling would be so much better if I worked for you. I watched some of your videos and immediately became interested in your company.

    My number is:

    083 287 9656

  • So I have a total of a year industry experience. Which makes me a Junior not a senior but I would rely love the opportunity to grow into a senior developer
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