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Hello people so this is my first game ever I have been working on it for 3 months now.
I would like to get some feedback on the Mechanics of the game and you can also comment on the design and art but keeping in my mind that art and design is not my field of interest I just code.

The game is about collecting as much evil birds as you can before the time runs out

The game is around 21mb size it was like 160mb size I managed to bring it down to 21mb

Here is the link to drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxEQ_8uSlfomZUlaclVtbVMyWms?usp=sharing

Screenshots not sure if you can see them I am not sure how to show them:

looking forward to your feedback thanx

And remember I have no strength in art or design
And basic knowledge of game programming so I am still learning


  • I am not sure if you can see the screenshots cause I can't see them.
  • Those links aren't direct image links. I don't think you can easily do that with drive. Try uploading them to imgur and sharing the direct image links here
  • Thanx I will try that..
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    It seems much easier to walk off of a platform (by mistake) when moving left than when moving right.

    The platforming itself was quite unforgiving -- which is to say there doesn't seem to be anything built in for helping the player. Usually, there are a couple of things that help you out with not falling to your doom that easily (based on a long history of platformers): Sometimes there's a small amount of grace allowed you, where if you're technically no longer directly above a platform, but you press jump, you're still able to jump forwards. (I think this makes intuitive sense in real life, based on how when you jump from a ledge in real life, you're usually pushing away forwards from the very edge of the ledge; i.e. when you actually "jump" you're no longer directly above the ledge.) There's also sometimes some kind of indication that you're starting to slip off of a ledge, so that you can move backwards and correct yourself when you see you're about to fall. There's also typically acceleration (i.e. when you press the button there's a small amount of time it takes before you reach full speed) that helps with standing really close to the edges of a platform. (There are other tips listed in Diorgo's article on dev.mag. I think it's worth questioning each yourself, but it's a nice list.)

    There were occasionally platforms that looked like they were just too far for me to jump (maybe because of difference in height combined with distance between platforms and random bad luck). I wanted to try edge close to the edge of a platform to increase my chances of success, but slowly approaching the platform would push me over (because of no acceleration, no jumping "grace" and no way to recover once seeing I'd just started falling).

    UI-wise, I found it awkward that, for a game that's played entirely with keyboard (left, right, space), I had to navigate the menus and restart when I died using the mouse.

    I think as a learning exercise it's a pretty great project. I don't know your background nor what your goals are with this, so it's difficult for me to offer advice outside of things that I see that I think could use improvement.
  • @Elyaradine thank you very much for that detailed feedback.
    On helping the player to jump I will definitley try to put some power ups and maybe to increase the size of the plartforms for more room to accelerate..You are right on UI I was actually bored of using the mouse but I was too lazy to fix that.

    Let me check the article.
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