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Having fun building up a new game, just for fun...

Thought I would share a vid of it here:

Having fun building this... model pack came from here:

Synty Studios
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  • Nice start!

    The jeep physics are a bit wonky though, got some drift going on there.
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  • Yeah - i need to apply the brakes better. :)

    Plus i need the jeep to turn at the wheels at not from the center of the object.

  • @UberGeoff: Are you using Unity for this? If you are, look at setting up vehicle controllers and wheel colliders - there are great samples from unity that are quite easy to set up and will give you very realistic vehicle movements.

  • OK - added wheel collider's:

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  • Hope you don't mind if I hijack this thread for one second to go on a tangent. I've never heard of wheel colliders before, are they a Unity specific concept?
  • IceCliff said:
    Hope you don't mind if I hijack this thread for one second to go on a tangent. I've never heard of wheel colliders before, are they a Unity specific concept?
    Yeah it's Unity's. Unity has a bunch of pre-built stuff with a bunch of parameters to tweak :) What software do you use?
  • Haven't really used a game engine in a while :) I work with OpenGL now, briefly messed around with Unity for a day so I have an idea of what you're talking about
  • Ok.

    So ditched the wheel colliders. They don't seem to be happy with jumps and steep inclines (or at least setting them up is proving to be a pain)

    Just using a standard rigid body mechanic now:

    Found a NICE rotation script:

    transform.RotateAround(transform.position + transform.right * turnRotationAngle * TurnInput,
    turnRotationSeekSpeed * Mathf.Rad2Deg * Time.deltaTime * TurnInput);

    More info can be found here:
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  • Just finishing up my new helicopter:

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  • Very nice keep it up! Mind elaborating on what the goal for the player is in the game? Is it story driven or more of an arcade game where you need to clear the level etc?
  • So

    At this point in time - i am thinking about a type of "simple" puzzle/strategy game - with a hint of espionage.

    Thinking there should be a objective for each level where one would need to find a way to achieve your goal - making use of either:

    picking up tools
    or making use of vehicles
    or opening up paths/routes (like access gates)
    or blowing up rubble
    or killing enemies

    In order to gain access to certain area's of the map.

    Player should gain EXP and PERKS along the way.

    + LOTS of explosions..! :)
  • Oh yes - would love t have a EPIC story line.

  • Getting in and out of vehicle - complete

  • I'm really liking your art style, you have some great stuff on the asset store. Also posting so you don't need to talk to yourself. :)
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    @critic - Yip. Just as I said in my first post: that my models come from: "Synty Studios". However - those are just static models/prefabs.

    My work and current skill set is only programming. One will only see my programming inputs/challenges above...

    Sorry - not sure if you were being facetious or not. :)
  • I thought you were 'Synty Studios'... :/

    Do you have some sort of design document or something, what you are showing is heavily hinting at live action, blow everything up type of gameplay?

    3D Broforce, FTW. :)
  • He He -

    The idea of making a so called "Broforce 3D" would be quite appealing (if only for the success that, that game generated). After all - I'm sure everyone here would love to see that sort of success with their games. :) However: I don't think my game will be nearly as successful. :)

    At this point - I'm just focusing on the mechanics - no design document at the moment. Just a quiz: What would one include in a "design document"?

    For now: Just putting one foot in front of the other - trying to make this "feel" right. And looking for some secret sauce - on how to make gaming fun and appealing to others.

    But looking ahead - I would like to incorporate a type of puzzle or simple "strategy" element within the game. But I think I'm still 4 to 5 weeks away from any of those types of ideas. :)

    Feel free to give any suggestions or thoughts...

  • Working on Early AI system:

  • In terms of visuals, The vehicles are really nice. I think they stand out a bit from the rest of the assets.
    I like what you've got going on here. It reminded me of a NES game called Jackal.
    I highly recommend watching this video.
    I think the game design of Jackal might adapt really well into your current framework.. but it's up to you.

    I like that gun flashes too. That light effect looks really good.
  • @Pierre - LOL. Yeah that looks like the kinda game I would like to build. :)
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