The source for the project I made for my AMAZE Driving-Characters-in-PhysX Talk


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    Whoa! That looks fun to play! Does it ever get that there are three or four badguys you need to fight?

    The screenshake and the confetti are really nice. It's got an awesome feeling of weight to the blows with the slow motion and flying debri (on the enemy death).

    @dummy I'm curious as to how much time you've put into this now. Are you working full times on games?
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    Thank You very much, really appreciate your opinion @EvanGreenwood I am a solo developer and thanks to my first mobile game I could dedicate myself to learn and create new titles as a full-time work. Still learning a lot, this game will be my 3rd one. I always was interested in ragdoll physics so can't say how much fun I have in creating new characters/moves and just playing with new modifications.

    In this game the worst thing is balancing the whole idle system, but hopefully it will be enjoyable. It took me about 3-4 months to get into the actual state.

    I tried to contact You directly via messenger and discord but it is really hard to catch You anywhere. Hope You will find time to check my message, wouldn't bother You if it wasn't important. Happy New Year to all devs :-)!
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