The source for the project I made for my AMAZE Driving-Characters-in-PhysX Talk

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I gave a talk at AMAZE JHB on building characters in Unity and driving them with PhysX.

Like I said during the talk, as I navigated through the example project I'd built, there's loads of ways to configure joints and forces to produce gameplay, I was just showing off one way to do it.

That said, here's the Unity 5.4 project for anyone who's interested to paw through and meddle with and (hopefully) learn from. I had a request afterward for the source, and it seemed to a helpful thing to do.

As I said in the talk, a really useful tool is Candle Light's "Custom Handles", it's on the Asset Store for $15. It lets you much more easily visualize exactly what the constraints on the joints that you are applying will do, and allows some visual editing of constraints (which should always save you at least $15 of your time).


The project has a couple of scenes in it, as seen in the talk at A MAZE. The final scenes have two characters that can walk around in them, and there's a kind of faceplant jump that they can do. It's very simple, but hopefully it provides an idea of how a PhysX driven character might be constructed.

I'd of course be super stoked if anyone built upon this project (please show me if you do). There's a little bit of code in there that is common in Free Lives projects, but I presume everyone who contributed to it is happy for it to be reused. Please use this project in whatever way you wish.



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