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Hello all.

So I was quite stumped as to what to create but promised myself that I would make something, so here it goes.
My game will be a Mario/Uther Party-ish game where 4 players compete against each other in various mini-games for the overall highest score.

I am basing the design off of the popular drinking game called Kings.
So how it will work players will take turns drawing a card from a circular deck, and everyone will then partake or play that particular game. So the mystery(what little there is) comes from not knowing what arena/game you will play next.

I will then try(<= Important) to make each mini-game mystery focused in itself. So a player draws a card->Screen Fade to black->Shows card center screen->Fade in new scene with corresponding mini-game.
Player D Draws the King Card.
Game related to King is then played next.

List of Mini-Games:
Ace: Waterfall - Players need to dodge waves of traffic while crossing the road to score points. First to 5 wins or last alive.
10: Zen - Scene will have floor divided into 4, every few seconds 3 of them will turn red and one green, you then have a few seconds to get onto the green section or lose. Repeat till one player remains.

Some of them are not fully figured out yet but I will focus on getting one mini-game completed so I always have something to hand in, since if I only finish one I can still have something. Also 52 cards are quite a lot, so I might make it only 2 suits.

Play/Download on itch.io
Controls: Left Analogue - Walk
X - Jump
A - Double Punch
B - Faceplant
LB/RB Hold - Grab Left/Right

Any idea/criticism/question is welcomed.
Also I am using the Physics Characters provided by Evan to learn more about it since I have never done something like that. And I understand that it may count against me.
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  • I removed the planned mini-games section from the OP for now and will add them as I go along.

    Thanks to @EvanGreenwood for sharing his source on the physics characters talk he did! Now my players don't have to be spheres any more. I have added a grabbing system(hand independent) and normal jumping and will likely add functionality as I need it.

    I more or less have the game related to Card 10 completed. It is called Zen and it's all about getting into a corner of chill. I still need to have a player be eliminated when you touch the floor but that should be relatively simple.
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    One more mini-game semi-complete, waterfall.

    Players need to cross the street to gain points, while avoiding traffic.
    Looks like this:

    Solved, Thanks roguecode. (Anyone know how to embed youtube videos? I see BBCODE can support it but we would have to implement it first)
  • You just put the full youtube URL (i.e. not the shortened version you have above) and it does it for you.

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  • Doh! Haha sweet thanks!
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    I'm giggling to myself at the idea of four chickens just crossing the road again and again and again for no reason other than that some dumb number at the top of the screen keeps counting up. :P


    Nice work! I think making a whole bunch of minigames is a super awesome way to use those physics characters!
  • Haha thanks man, I had so much fun myself slow-mo running into cars and looking at the aftermath. I have some limbs occasionally ripping of as well now.

    I am most likely going to finish only 3 mini games in time for the jam deadline, as tomorrow is the last day that I can work on it. But I'll likely finish the others up afterwards and make my own characters and then lastly tie up the whole Kings aspect with the cards.
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