[Comp I] EDEN (Formerly Maze Engine)

Project is now feature complete all further changes will be purely aesthetic.
Link has been updated to point to new page.

Made some changes to maze generation.
UI Changes.
Need to collect all orbs before continuing on.
Implemented more risks in Aqua and Terra Maze.
Hints Added to each maze.
Jump Removed.
Added a cheat option for testing purposes (press left ctrl+c in Core).

Newest version available at itch.io page.

Repower the EDEN Seed with elemental energy you collect by delving into the Stabilisied realms of the elements.

Heres a prototype for the game Im working on.

Its a Randomly Generated Maze Traversal game where the objective is to collect primordial energy from the different elemental mazes.

WASD - Move
Q - Return to Core from Maze (Saves your currently collected Energy)
ESC - Pause



  • Hey man.

    I gave your game a go, and I like the idea. A few things though, the motion blur is a little too much for me, so if its possible to tune that down either in settings or internally by you that would be great.

    Then I only completed the first part of the ignis maze, since seeing the huge second part was a little daunting. However I see now that you can return to core and keep your collected energy, something I was not aware of so I will try again since I was not aware of this.

    Also pressing space inside one of the mazes still plays the jump sound, which I don't think should happen if the jump is disabled.
  • Thanks for testing I'm actually planning on removing the jump altogether and I'm going to readjust the maze generation as those huge mazes don't give enough reward for the repetition. Also the only way to store energy is to return as the maze generates unending with an increase in value of each orb the further you go
  • Okay cool, let me know once you reworked the mazes and I'll give it another go. (I probably will anyway, but if you want feedback on changes just lemme know so I can get the new version.
  • Just Updated to fix a few issues and to implement suggestions.
  • @krazysh01 Hey buddy. Tried the game, i'm not sure how the maze mechanic adds to the game, because it's actually frustrating to collect the orbs as the maze is way too narrow and the feeling of progression is a bit slow. I think the orbs are a good idea as a side quest, and a time limit should be put in place to spur the game along a bit. It can work as a puzzle game, but its too easy to see where exactly to go. the Only challenge is falling off the side of the maze. It feels too much like a FPS, I think the maze generator is great, but it needs to be implemented with a different play style.

    PS, the starting room is too pretty and the other rooms in contrast are a bit too simple. Perhaps stick to a smaller scope and make everything flat shaded. I think game play should be first, then graphics. I hope this feedback helps.

    PPS: sorry for the harsh crit, but i think the scope is too big for this project. IMHO
  • Thanks for the feedback @SebastianS and yeah I got a bit carried away with the starting room (used asset store assets mainly as I'm no artist) and tried to implement some form of risk into the mazes which resulted in the narrow paths in fire as I thought the challenge of not falling off would be a bit more engaging (obviously failed there)
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